Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bochy finishes 3rd in manager of the year voting

Really? Matt Williams of the Nats won?

It's a little silly that these awards don't include postseason performance, given that Williams got severely outmanaged in the postseason.

I guess the same thing will happen when Clayton Kershaw wins the Cy Young. Anyhow, I've linked to Mike Bauman's column for mlb.com, which ends this way ....

At some future date, Bruce Bochy will enter the Hall of Fame as a manager. His record will make him an indisputable selection. At that point, interested people will look back and wonder why, in the year of the Giants' third World Series championship in five seasons, he was not officially the NL Manager of the Year.
The answer will come in two parts: Matt Williams had a fine regular season managing the Washington club. And, one month later, Bruce Bochy was the best manager in the game.


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