Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adios, Tim Flannery

Lost in all the Pablo Sandoval news -- third base coach Tim Flannery is retiring to spend time at home. Nice work by the SF chron's Henry Schulman -- 

Tim Flannery, the old soul who can sing a perfect three-part harmony one night then chase a baserunner from third to home the next, is calling it a career.
A day after the Giants lost third baseman Pablo Sandoval, their third-base coach phoned general manager Brian Sabean and manager Bruce Bochy to say he was stepping down after eight seasons in San Francisco and 33 years in professional baseball.
Flannery, 57, told The Chronicle by phone he is physically and emotionally spent, has done all he wants to do on the baseball field, wants to spend more time with his wife and family and devote his energies to raising money for all manner of causes through his music.
In short, the all-encompasing parade of baseball seasons finally got to him.
“I call it the god-damned blessed road,” Flannery said. “I’ve buried friends. I’ve put friends in rehab. I’ve watched marriages dissolve. There’s a lot of collateral damage in this lifestyle I’ve had for 33 years. I’m going to send myself home safely.”
Flannery said he had thought about this all year.
“Physically, the grind of the season, and the way I demand how I work and what I expect of myself, I just didn’t feel I was capable in a quick turnaround to do it again.


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