Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Orange and Black bandwagon

The postseason run of 8 vics in 10 games has been impressive enough for an Oakland A's fan to have gotten on board on the Mad Sports blog. Here's an exceprt -- 

While I can’t stand watching that team win, there’s a larger part of me that respects it to the fullest. They’ve built a dynasty from essentially the ground up. Everyone hates the Yankees because the Yankees “buy” their championships- the Giants have done just the opposite. Lots of home-grown talent, some minor free agent signings and 24 metric tons of team chemistry.
And what’s crazy (just regular crazy, not Hunter Pence crazy) is that this year’s team is even more impressive than either of their last two World Series champions.
They’ve managed to trek back to the World Series (as the second Wild Card team, mind you) without their starting centerfielder and one of their best two starting pitchers. Not to mention the fact Tim Lincecum has become a non-factor, bullpen or otherwise.
When Angel Pagan went down for the year, it looked like the Giants might be done. He really seemed like the catalyst for their success. They fell apart when he went down with a leg injury last year, and didn’t play particularly well without him this year. Certainly not well enough to go to the World Series, anyway.
Their rotation also looked shaky going in. Madison Bumgarner is nails, but with no Matt Cain, there were several question marks in Ryan Vogelsong, Jake Peavy and Tim Hudson. Surely if they couldn’t pitch, they wouldn’t be able to scrape enough runs together to win.
They also went without a starting second baseman for about half the year. That spot in their lineup was such an enormous heaping pile of dinosaur feces that they brought in Dan Uggla to fill the void. DAN. UGGLA. THE TEAM THAT WILLINGLY EMPLOYED DAN UGGLA AT ONE POINT IS IN THE WORLD SERIES. Alas, they settled on 2011 first round pick Joe Panik for the final 73 games.
A lot of things pointed towards the Giants not doing much in the postseason this year. But since they’re ridiculously good at pulling themselves up from the ashes (ask the 2012 Reds and Cardinals), they figured out a way to put it all together.


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