Monday, October 06, 2014

Thanks a lot, Tigers

I'm still unclear as to why the Tigers felt they had to trade Doug Fister. He made the Giants look silly today in a game that's going to be remembered for Bumgarner's terrible throw in the 7th, per Grant at McCovey Chrinicles.

The guys the Tigers got in the deal -- Ian Krol and Steve Lombardozzi -- were nowhere in sight as Detorit got swept by Baltimore. 

Here's what Grant wrote to end his long excellent post --

Before signing off, let's take a moment to laugh at the Tigers for trading Doug Fister in the first place. Sure couldn't have used him, you jackasses. Nope. Needed to trade him for win-later help because there just wasn't a way to leverage a sought-after starting pitcher during the offseason and turn him into something that can help your current roster.
That Tigers roster was basically perfect at the time of the trade, so there was nothing else to do. Just get that problem workhorse off your roster, and look for pitchers who can contribute in 2015 or later.


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