Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Never the easy way

CSBN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly says Madison Bumgarner could go up to 50 pitches tonight but it looks like we'll have to rely on Tim Hudson's 39-yar-old arm for a Game 7 vic.   

KANSAS CITY – Giants manager Bruce Bochy had a regular morning prior to Game 7 of the World Series. He had breakfast with his son. He answered a couple emails. He got to Kauffman Stadium at the same time, 1 p.m., and changed into his uniform.
A routine start on a day that is anything but.
He made one lineup change, prioritizing defense by going with Juan Perez over Travis Ishikawa in left field. He knows that any small weakness gets exposed in a Game 7. And he likes the way Perez is swinging the bat.
The real question, though, is how Bochy plans to manage his pitching behind 39-year-old Tim Hudson. Bochy said Madison Bumgarner usually throws 40 to 50 pitches in his side session. “So he’d be good for at least that, the manager said.
There was no second thought of starting Bumgarner on two days of rest. He’s not a toy, Bochy reiterated. He’s a human being.
Yusmeiro Petit is available for two to three innings as well, and Bochy acknowledged that he backed off using Tim Lincecum to mop up Game 6 because he might find a useful spot for him in this winner-take-all game. For all his issues, he’s a long guy who also can miss bats, and there could be a situation where the Giants’ only escape is a strikeout.
“We’ll do anything tonight,” Bochy said. “It’s that game. There’s no game to play tomorrow.”
Will there be one final speech? Bochy said he would talk to a couple of his clubhouse leaders, gauge the room. But … “I’ll probably say something.”
Days of Thunder? Braveheart? Champion blood?
“It’ll be `Win one for the Gipper,’” said Bochy, smiling.


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