Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The brain-dead Cuban crybaby

As if there wasn't enough reason to despise the dodgers, brain-dead Yasiel Puig threw a tantrum last night at Chavez Latrine.

Here's Henry Schulman's recap for the SF Chron about the Cuabn crybaby...

Bumgarner lost what might be his final regular-season start when he allowed a Justin Turner homer to start the first inning and a two-run Matt Kemp homer later in the frame.
What happened between the homers enlivened the ancient rivalry.
The benches cleared briefly when Bumgarner hit Puig on the foot while trying to bury a two-strike cutter. Puig, who also was hit by Jake Peavy on Monday night, sat at the plate and craned his neck to stare at Bumgarner.
For the second time in 2014, the two got into a shouting match. Bumgarner yelled first. When home-plate umpire Adrian Johnson started walking toward the mound to quiet the pitcher, Puig rose, walked behind Johnson and started yelling back.
Bumgarner then flung his glove to the ground and waved his arms as if to say, “You want to go? Let’s go.” That’s when the benches emptied.
Manager Bruce Bochy blamed it on Bumgarner’s anger over allowing the Turner homer and Puig “creating a little drama” by sitting at the plate and staring. Bumgarner also took exception to Puig’s stare.
“He turned around and looked at me like he had something in mind,” Bumgarner said.
Nobody on the field could have thought that Bumgarner was trying to hit Puig on the foot with a two-strike breaking pitch. Lest there be any confusion, Bumgarner said, “He’ll know if it’s on purpose, which that one wasn’t. I’ll make sure of that.”
Dodgers manager Don Mattingly knew it was a mistake, but said of Bumgarner, “I was a little surprised at his reaction, to be honest with you, when Yasiel got up and looked there. But I think it got emotional at that point.”


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