Monday, September 01, 2014

Hunter Strickland in the Orange and Black

As the Giants resume playing a game suspended from July in Denver, the SF Chron recaps the callups with particular focus on Hunter Strickland. 

Here's part of Schulman's story --

I got a chance to catch up with Strickland this morning. He is a big dude, 6-foot4 and (listed at) 220, who throws in the upper-90s yet has tremendous control. He had four walks and 48 strikeouts in 38 games for Double-A Richmond, where he was the closer and saved 11 games.
This is an important audition for the 25-year-old, who returned from Tommy John surgery this spring, and Bochy said he would not hesitate to use Strickland in leveraged situations even today.
Strickland posts a sheet of paper on his locker everywhere it goes. It has two photos of the insides of his arm during Tommy John surgery and the phrase, “Pain is weakness leaving your body.”
“It fires me up a little bit,” Strickland said. “It keeps me humble and reminds me where I”m at.”


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