Thursday, September 25, 2014

dodgers win NL West; world in danger of ending

The Giants suffered through an embarrassing loss at chavez Latrine tonight as the over-rated Cuban Crybaby hit his third homer in 3 months. I'm hoping that the combo of the brain-dead Crybaby and Donnie Stupid will doom them to a quick exit from the playoffs.

Grant Bisbee at McCovey Chronicles dumps all over Gregor Blanco; it's hard to argue with how stupid the  plays were that Blanco made on the basepaths....

Let's take one play as a microcosm for the entire last week. Gregor Blanco made a baserunning boner early in the game, with the Giants needing runs and Kershaw showing a smidgen of vulnerability. He froze on a ball that looked like a single from the moment it left the bat, and he was stranded on third base. I made notes to investigate later. "Blanco boner?" and "Write about Blanco's boner" were two of the notes.
Then came the actual boner. With the Giants down by four and one out, Blanco tried to take an extra base for no apparent reason. Again, down by four. That's a we-need-runners code red. Not only did he fail, but he failed spectacularly. He flopped before the base, helmet coming off, then twisted in agony as he rolled past the base. That slide was the decision to take third of slides. That decision to take third was that slide of decisions to take third. Symmetry. It was quite poetic.
You thought you had a boner with the first one? No, that was a boner. It was the kind of boner that made me take several minutes and photoshop this:

What a stupid, stupid play. What a hilarious collapse. It's a metaphor for the last week, then. The odds were against the Giants. They needed to play perfectly and catch a few breaks, but there was a chance, a small chance. And right when you started to dream just a little, they did something horrifically stupid and embarrassed themselves. The Giants stumbled and fell and looked like jackasses, and you wondered what they were doing there in the first place.
Let's take one play as a microcosm for the entire season. Buster Posey came up with the bases loaded against Clayton Kershaw. The Giants had a one-run lead, but with the bases full, one out, and their best hitter up, it felt like more. That was the peak win expectancy for the Giants -- per FanGraphs, they had something like a 73-percent chance of winning at that point. It just took a knockout blow.
Instead, the worst possible outcome happened. Double play, inning over. Their best player prevailed. The Giants' best player failed. The early lead was doomed. The odds that were once in the Giants' favor turned almost instantly, and suddenly the whole team was upside down.
Without Posey reclaiming his MVP form, the Giants don't watch the Dodgers celebrate in front of them. They're out a week ago, maybe more, and they're probably in a sad death match with the Brewers right now. Posey did his best, but he isn't magic, and he came up just short against the best the Dodgers had. There's no shame in it. Just endless frustration.
You want to take moldy lemons and make moldy lemonade? I can do that. Welcome to Optimism Corner brought to you by State Farm. Here goes:
Tim Hudson pitching a masterpiece on Wednesday night would have been confusing.


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