Sunday, August 03, 2014

Hating to lose

I'm looking at the SF Chronicle's recap of the aggravated look on Jake Peavy's face as yesterday game evaporated into a tough loss during the 7th -- a good reminder of no matter how tough it is for us fans to takem it's much tougher on the guys in uniform.. this case, having a decent defender in left might have kept Peavy on track.....

"I've got to make better pitches," Peavy said after falling to 0-2 as a Giant. "That's all there is to it. It's just frustrating because I felt we had a chance to win that game. I know I could have done more."
Yes, Daniel Murphy's one-out drive in the seventh was smoked, but chances are Peavy's perfect game would have remained intact had Gregor Blanco been the left fielder.
Michael Morse was still out there, even though he made the final out in the top of the inning, and misplayed the ball, which sailed over his head for a double. Morse initially took a step in and moved laterally.


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