Monday, August 25, 2014

Doug Eddings = Satan?

I hate umpires who can't call a consistent game. Doug Eddings had such an erratic game tonight that Bruce Bochy actually got himself thrown out to keep Posey from getting thrown out.

I'm sick and tired of reading about what a great commissioner Bud Selig has been. Let's see -- cancelled the World Series in 1994; made the All-Star Game into a joke; lets the umps be totally out of control. Guys like Joe West, Angel Hernandez, CJ Buckner, and of course, that idiot Eric Gregg. 

Eddings has a massive and inconsistent strike zone. I Typed in "doug eddings sucks" into google -- here are some of the results --

-- Doug Eddings will Straight Fuck you up.    

And this one on the huzzah board.-- 

Doug Eddings-Not only makes horrible calls (especially behind the plate, where his strike zone has always been highly flexible), but he is one of those insufferable umpires with a habit of making himself the story. He seems to relish confrontation with players and coaches, and appears to go out of his way to ramp up every confrontation.

On the upside, it looks like Jake Peavey threw a fine game -- even with 4 errors, the Rox only scored 3.



Blogger Michael Heathman said...

Peavy got into a pissing match with a plate umpire. Fool. He screwed his team by pissing off the plate umpire. Fool. Posey paid for Peavy acting the fool. Was strike 3 low? Yes. Did Mr. Eddings lose focus and call an extremely low pitch a strike that had not been called a strike all night? Yes.
Did the Giants commit 4 errors and balk in a run? Yes. Peavy is a fool.

7:10 PM  

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