Sunday, July 27, 2014

So who got the hits?

I see where Kershaw pitched a 2-hitter and can't find out who got the hits in a 5-0 loss. I read the Chron's story and no dice. Then I went to read a loooonnnnng post on McCovey Chronicles and it looks like Michael Morse got a single. 

I looked up Ray Ratto's story on CSNBay Area -- Blanco got the other single. The Giants have had 9 singles in two days. 

Ray wrote a pretty decent game story -- here's part: 

In the two games, the Giants have amassed nine singles, which we needn’t tell you is some pretty Padretastic offense.
They are now left to ask new arrival Jake Peavy to win his first game since April; Peavy faces Hyun-Jin Ryu in a 5 p.m. start that could if it goes wrong negate the 5-2 road trip the Giants just barely finished. Peavy arrived during the game Saturday night, and seems rarin’ to re-establish his old National League bonafides, even though those were seven years ago.
On the up side, nobody was hurt for the first day in a row, and catcher Andrew Susac, called up to cover for concussed Hector Sanchez, is still a candidate to become Tim Lincecum’s new preferred catcher.
Starting pitching reportRyan Vogelsong opened by retiring his first 11 hitters, but found out that a perfect game would never be enough against Clayton Kershaw.


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