Monday, July 28, 2014

Please fire the batting "coach"

I can understand getting shut out 5-0 by Clayton Kershaw but Vance Worley?

Worley is a marginal pitcher at best. It ought to be like batting practice. Instead, he throws a shutuout -- the first of his utterly undistinguished career.  What kind of "coach" isn't able to prepare a team better than this?

Our hitting "coach" is no goddam good. He was a terrible MLB player. 

What about the two World Series titles? Those were largely due to outstanding pitching. The hitting was always very ordinary. 

It's 3 days until the trade deadline and the parade of crappy second baseman -- Adrianza, Hicks, Scutaro, Uggla, Arias and the kid who played tonight -- will probably continue. The team gave up two decent prospects for Jake Peavy so a deal for Chase Utley has probably gone away.


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