Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Panik despite another loss

Even Tim Hudson is losing now. Henry Schulman of the Chron says the Giants are not going to panic and bring up Joe Panik despite a 5-game losing streak. 

The team still has a 4-game lead despite its crappy play. Here's Hudson's take --

After today’s 7-6 loss, the Giants clubhouse did not have that “lost eight of nine” feel. Maybe it was the late rally from down 7-2 to kept the tone from being funereal.
Losing pitcher Tim Hudson, who was hammered for seven runs in 4  2/3 innings, had a different idea. In his version of events, the Giants were not really that far away from winning most of the games they have lost since the Mets left San Francisco on June 8.
“Even though we lost some games, there are some games we feel like we should have won,” Hudson said. “Today’s a game we felt we should have won.


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