Sunday, June 15, 2014

Maybe it's my fault -- sorry!

We here at Giants Win take the success of the Orange and Black pretty seriously. So I'd like to apologize for showing up Friday and Saturday's game. I had not been at a home game since the May 23 and 24 vics over the Twins...

It's hard to believe that the good guys lost back to back on blown saves by Romo with a 4-2 lead on Friday and a 4-3 lead on Saturday....

The only constant I can think of is my being there. So maybe I'd better stay away. Apologies!!!!!!!!!!

That's how real fans think by the way -- something awful happens so you'd better change up the circumstances.

MC O'connor at Raising (Matt Cain) called it "Nigtmare on King Street Part two"and here's some verbiage -- 

The Giants are having their worst week of the season with losses Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and now losses on Friday and Saturday. That's 1-5 in six games, which they did once before, from April 17th to April 22nd. And yes, the Rockies were involved. That stretch was a loss to the Dodgers at home, two to the Padres in San Diego followed by a win, and then two losses in Colorado. They went from a 10-6 team to an 11-10 team. These June Giants were 42-21 after Sunday's win and are now 43-26. Those 26 losses are the fewest in the majors. The Giants are 7-6 for the month, not quite swoonish but not quite the well-oiled machine we saw in the first third of the season. Game 72 is in Chicago this Wednesday. That's 4/9 of the way or the fourth seasonal inning. Lots of baseball left.




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