Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gary Brown in the Orange and Black

Henry Schulman of the SF Chron is reporting that Angel Pagan is on the DL so that we will either see Gary Brown or Adam Duvall in an MLB uni soon; my guess is Brown because he's a strong defensive outfielder. 

I'd say that Bochy wants to give the pitchers as much support as possible from the defense, based on what he said tonight --

Yes, the offense needs to better, but during this stretch of 11 losses in 14 games, the starters have faltered with a 5.85 ERA. Bochy addressed that after tonight’s loss.
“It’s fair to say that’s our biggest issue in this tough stretch,” Bochy said. “The rotation put us in a good position. Now, they’ve hit a bump in the road, some of them. It happens.
“It’s important we get out of this and it’s going to be our starting pitching that gets us out of this.”
Next chance to be a hero: Tim Lincecum, who has a 6.85 ERA in his four June starts.



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