Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dave Flemming is right

"People don't come here to watch you"

What in the world am I talking about? Dave Flemming went on a rant during the postgame tonight following a disgusting 7-2 vic by the Padres.

It's the Steve Barman-type LOSERS who come to AT and T Park and try to catch balls rather than the fielders. One did tonight and prevented Tyler Colvin from making a catch of a ball that went for a disgusting Padre homerun.

By the way, I have exactly zero sympathy for Bartman. ZERO. According to his Wikipedia page, he's never gone back to Wrigley. If Moises Alou catches that ball, who knows what happens?

So, assholes -- let the goddam players play the goddam game.It's just a goddam baseball. You can buy one at the souvenier stand, OK?   


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