Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"And Cain walks in a run"

What else do you really need to know about tonight's game? The Giants got an early 2-0 lead while the Sox announcers were talking to Paul Konerko's wife Jen. Then Gordon Beckham homered and Cain started getting hammered...Crawford's error let in two and the final score was 8-2.

This is what I call a June Swoon.

I will leave it to M.C. O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain to recap -- 

The pain continues for the Giants who have now lost seven of eight. The Cain Train got derailed tonight as the White Sox pummeled the big righty for eight runs. Matt Cain has not been Matt Cain in 2014, and it's no goddamn fun. Life is better when the Giants win. I mean, sure, life's good and all, no complaints, but it's sure as hell better when the team is winning. It's like horseradish on your prime rib, man. I like prime rib all by itself, I mean it stands on its own, am I right? But you add a little root sauce from Amoracia rusticana and boy you get yourself some lip-smacking goodness, am I right? Right now I'm missing a little spice on top--my main man Matty is stinking up the joint and my fave team is free-falling and showing no signs of slowing down.

Jesus, Mary, and Fookin' Joseph, win a goddamn game already!


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