Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adam Duvall's first day in the MLB

Some excellent deadline reporting by Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle--

Here is the first part of it --

As many folks know, we have to file a game story as soon as the final out is recorded. In a tight game, we often have to write two stories at once, a win story and a loss story, on separate screens — just in case.
In the eighth inning today, I had to pull up a new file and prepare a story that said Lincecum had a no-hitter but lost it. It must be done. But I somehow knew I wouldn’t have to use it, unless Lincecum jammed one of the final few hitters and gave up a duck snort single.
He was that good today.
“It was an incredible performance,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “He had such a great focus. He was really an artist out there.”
You can read my gamer here, with all the facts and figures and some of the best quotes. I also wrote a Giants beat that focused on Adam Duvall. He’s the infield prospect the Giants promoted from Triple-A Fresno today to replace Angel Pagan, who is going on the DL.
What a day for Duvall. He flew in from Austin, Texas, where the Grizzlies were playing, showed up at first pitch, donned his new No. 37 Giants uniform then got to join the celebration on the field when Lincecum finished the no-hitter.
“I jumped on the pile and I got to be a part of it,” Duvall said with an ear-to-ear smile. ” To be able to witness that my first day here, it was a little hectic, a little awesome.”
Duvall, 25, was the Giants’ 11th-round pick in 2010 out of Louisville and was leading the Pacific Coast League with 23 home runs when Fresno manager Bob Mariano phoned him at his Austin hotel room Tuesday night with news of his promotion.
“It was like someone punched me in the chest,” Duvall said. “I couldn’t get any of the words out. To finally hear those words from your manager is something you can’t prepare for.”
Hunter Pence is now a seasoned veteran of Lincecum no-hitters, having played right field in two of them. We asked Pence if he noticed anything different about Lincecum before the game. They dress next to one another.
Pence had a hard time thinking of anything out of the ordinary until he remembered how excited Lincecum was when Pence handed him a shipment from the U.S. mens soccer team. They sent Pence and Lincecum personalized jerseys. You might have seen Lincecum wear his in the clubhouse celebration and interviews.
“I think we’re going to give a little shoutout to Team USA soccer for sending us jerseys,” Pence said .”We’ve been inspired just by watching them and how they’ve gone about it.”


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