Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Power of the Panda

A silly headline, for sure. Against a brutal loss to the Cubs, Sandoval has kept hitting and staying calm....

It was hard to believe how crappy he was earlier this year. Here's part of Henry Schulman's story for the SF Chron --

The day before Mother's Day, Sandoval went to work batting .171. He has hit safely in 15 of 16 games since and raised his average to .239 by going 23-for-61. His two-run homer in Monday's 8-4 loss to the Cubs was his fifth in eight games and victimized a pitcher who had "gasoline in his arm," as Hector Sanchez put it.
Sandoval also hit a scoring single in the first inning and has a career-best six-game RBI streak.
Throughout his six-week slump to start the year, and the two weeks of production since, Sandoval has repeated the same mantra, that he comes to the park each day to work hard, and whether things go well or askew, "That's baseball."
Meulens confirmed the hard work and said the Buddha-like calm that Sandoval has displayed in every postgame interview matches the serene Sandoval the coach has seen behind the scenes.
"Not one day did I notice he was frustrated, with the contract, not hitting, the inability to get out of it," Meulens said. "He came to work every day with the same enthusiasm, with the same smile on his face, the same work ethic, which is a credit to him.
"He never let everything bother him."


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