Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gregor Blanco's hot streak

He got a pinch hit on Tuesday, got a hit  and scored three and stole three bases on Wednesday and got another pinch hit last night that drove in the 5th run. 

So he's gotten 3 hits in his last 5 at bats and is now 7 for 45 for the season. Yes, he'd gone 4 for 40 before Tuesday.  

That's not very good, of course but it's far above the iconic season that Eugenio Velez racked up in 2011 as a Dodger, when he went 0-for-37.  

He'd gone 9 for 55 in the previous season for a .164 average -- culminating a four-year career in the Orange and Black that saw him get nearly 700 plate appearances. He didn't make the postseason roster in 2010.


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