Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blaming Buster

The story on the Giants web site makes it seem like a 5-0 loss is mostly Buster's fault, even though the Giants were shut out for the second time in 2014.

I think that's an over-statement but here's the verbiage --

The Giants entered the fateful sixth trailing 1-0 behind Vogelsong, who had surrendered a mere three hits and had already matched his personal regular-season best of eight strikeouts. "I feel like I probably threw the ball better tonight in the first five innings than I did in the previous three [games]," said Vogelsong, who recorded a 0.89 ERA in his previous trio of outings.
With Jason Heyward on second base and one out, Freddie Freeman singled to right field. Hunter Pence quickly scooped up the ball and unleashed a powerful throw, which reached Posey on the fly and beat Heyward by at least 20 feet.
But that extra time to make the play didn't help Posey, who reached toward Heyward to tag him but missed. Heyward slid neither head- not feet-first. Instead, he sprawled toward home plate and in doing so succeeded in skirting Posey and reaching around the catcher to brush the plate with his left hand.
Posey stood virtually motionless after Heyward was called safe, his body language reflecting his disappointment.
"It's a shame I missed [the tag]," Posey said. "Because that would have been a big out. It kind of flip-flopped the momentum."


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