Sunday, May 25, 2014

3-year anniversary of the Scott Cousins game

Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle has written a nice column about the value of Buster Posey that doesn't mention the psycho who decided to main Buster that day.


A worthless, marginally talented guy who wound up forcing the MLB to make a rule change that essentially says -- you cannot deliberately try to hurt another player at home plate. About goddam time. 

Here's some verbiage --  Ryan Vogelsong on Sunday waxed enthusiastic about Posey's catching.
"He's super athletic back there," Vogelsong said. "Sometimes he doesn't do things exactly the way you're taught, but he's so athletic, he can do it that way. His hands are so good, he picks a lot of balls most guys wouldn't pick."
Vogelsong also saluted Posey's high baseball IQ and pitch-calling acumen. And his enthusiasm.
"You have to have that enthusiasm to be back there," Vogelsong said. "It's a brutal job."

And what about the guy who tried to ruin Posey's career and then WHINED about how unfair it all was? He's now on his 6th organization -- yes, he's been released FIVE TIMES. The Rangers must be truly desperate to have signed him. 

Here's wishing you nothing but the worst, Scott 


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