Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yasiel Puig is a dingbat

He's a very strange guy, given the defection from Cuba that was done through a drug cartel, if the recent stories are true.

So last night in the 8th, the Dodgers went up 6-2 as Puig hit a ground-rule double with an out. Juan Uribe flied out to center and Dee Gordon came home after tagging at 3rd.

Puig decided to tag at second and go to third and got thrown out. The umps ruled that Gordon had not touched home before Puig made his out so the 7th run didn't count. What a dingbat. With two outs, why do you need to be on third?

The Rox scored and had the tie run up in the 9th, thanks partly to another gag performance by Brian Wilson, who walked two before being pulled.

None of Puig's brain-dead playing gets mentioned in the's coverage. 


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