Saturday, April 26, 2014

The second Bob Uecker statue

This is about as brilliant as baseball marketing gets. The new statue is behind a pillar in one of the worst seats at Miller Park.

Here's part of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's coverage --

The event was staged for Bob Uecker, one of the funniest men on the planet, but Robin Yount got off the best one-liner of the day.
Gazing into the empty stands at Miller Park, the Milwaukee Brewers Hall of Famer said, "This is unbelievable. Fifty thousand empty seats. What a ceremony."
The stands indeed were empty Friday afternoon but the focal point was on the field, where selected guests, family and media gathered for the unveiling of the second statue of Uecker at the ballpark. And when the moment came to drop the curtain, the focus shifted to the very top of Miller Park, in Section 422, under the pivot of the retractable roof.
That Terrace Level area already had been dubbed the "Uecker Seats," and his sitting statue, a colorized bronze tribute with an adjacent empty seat, was not only in the last row but behind one of the support girders for the roof. Yep, an obstructed view if there ever was one.
"They had to make sure it was the worst seat," Uecker said with a smile.


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