Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Brian Wilson time bomb explodes

He came into a 3-3 tie in the ninth at chavez latrine tonight and let the Phils score 4 big ones while only getting one out. The Phils closer Jonathan Papalbon closed out a scoreless 9th.

I believe that Wilson is injured. Again. The dodgers lucked out with him last season, taking a gamble on a strange guy with 2 Tommy John surgeries.

He's also been plenty obnoxious since he became a dodger.


Anonymous campanari said...

Wilson came in tonight, Saturday, in the ninth, and had to be pulled after picking to two batters, both of whom he walked. Would that he had been left in to, one hopes, walk another and then give up a base-clearing hit! His ERA is 18.00.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

He sure seems to be pitching as if he's injured. Thanks for commenting, campanari

10:58 AM  

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