Saturday, April 19, 2014

I hate 3-game losing streaks, so bring back Barry

That's what the good guys have now. I'd bring back Barry Bonds myself.When the Giants were clobbering the ball, it was within memory of his week in Scottsdale. It couldn't hurt!

Dammit. No one is hitting.

Henry Schulman's recap -- The Giants have their first three-game losing streak of 2014, and it’s all on an offense that has gone into hibernation.
For the first time since September, 2011, the Giants have gone three consecutive games without scoring as many as two runs. They have scored once in each of the past three games, including Saturday night’s 3-1 loss to the Padres at Petco Park.
The Giants were looking at a third straight 2-1 loss until pinch-hitter Chris Denorfia squeezed home Will Venable in the eighth inning. The Giants’ streak of one-run games ended at eight.
Tim Hudson had been the lucky charm of the rotation. The Giants had won his first three starts, all after losses.
But Hudson committed the cardinal sin these days of allowing two runs, in seven innings, enough to doom the Giants to their second series loss of the season.
Hudson set a franchise record in the fifth when he completed 28 innings to start the season without a walk. The previous record-holder was Hooks Wiltse in 1913. His actual inning streak cannot be determined because of incomplete record-keeping, but it was no more than 28.
Hudson also became the second major-league pitcher in the past 80 seasons to begin a season without walking a batter in four starts of at least seven innings. The other was the Yankees’ Tiny Bonham in 1944.
Left-hander Eric Stults, who entered wit ha 5.52 ERA, held the Giants to three hits in six innings, one a long Michael Morse home run.


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