Wednesday, April 30, 2014

96-66 as Petit comes up BIG

So that's why you have a long man. The Giants had a laffer last night after Matt Cain cut himself. Strange days indeed.

It left them 16-11 which equates out to 96-66; they've got one-sixth of the season done. Looking pretty decent so far.

Chris Haft of wrote this --  "I'm prepared for it at any time," Petit (2-1) said of his 45th career start. "Even if it's one moment before the game."
Petit, who didn't walk a batter and faced just two over the minimum, went to a three-ball count twice in the game and threw a first-pitch strike to 15 of 20 batters.
"He's the perfect guy for the situation," Giants' relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt said. "That's his makeup. He threw four innings in Colorado and saved the bullpen. Tonight he went above and beyond the call of duty."


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