Sunday, March 16, 2014

"You have to work at it all the time"

That's Barry Bonds speaking of instructing Brandon Crawford on hitting, according to John Shea of the SF Chronicle. I'm very pleased that Bonds came to camp for a week...

He was a .288 hitter on June 18, and that was more like it. That was the day he jammed his right index and middle fingers sliding headfirst into second base, leading to an offensive nosedive. He hit .211 the rest of the way. Five homers in April. Nine overall.
Now it's about channeling his early-season success and carrying it six months. And staying healthy, of course.
He has a new advocate in camp, Barry Bonds.
"It's about what he believes in," Bonds said when asked about Crawford. "That's what it comes down to. Does he believe what you're saying is making sense? Is it simple enough to understand it?
"When you think you have the system, the system catches up to you and then you have to realize you have to rewind it and start over. You have to work at it all the time. You can't all of a sudden get it and think it's that easy because it's not that easy."
Bonds instructed Crawford to close his front shoulder on his stride - he had been opening the shoulder toward the pitcher, which can affect timing, hand-eye coordination and everything else needed for solid contact - and to trust his hands on inside pitchers.
Crawford has been open to the man for whom he rooted as a kid growing up in Pleasanton.


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