Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The man who taught Livan his curve

That would be Connie Marrero. The Washington Post has a terrific story about the Cuban pitcher who logged five seasons with the Washington Senators in the 1950s. 

You can count yourself as a real fan if you know that he was an All Star in 1951; he racked a pretty good record pitching for bad Senator teams.  

Here's part --


“That junk he gives you to swing at on his first pitch is a helluva sight better than his next pitch,” countered Casey Stengel. “And if he gets two strikes on you, you just might as well be using a newspaper to bat with because you ain’t gonna do no good with your bat.”
It might not have really mattered.
“He wouldn’t give his mother a good pitch to hit at,” his teammate Pete Runnells once said.


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