Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brian Wilson gags

What a great game at Petco. Brian Wilson gift-wrapped it for the Padres. He was awful.  

"I'm not used to having one of these nights," he told the writer. 

Get used to it, Brian. This wasn't the Cards, Nats or Tigers -- teams that can actually hit. It was the Padres, who never are much a scoring threat.  

Five men up, five men on base. Not a single out. For Giants fans, it was a respite from watching the indignities visited on us by seeing Wilson excel as a dodger and act like a traitorous baby over his 2012 World Series ring. Here's part of Cliff Corcoran's recap for SI --

The outing was the worst of Wilson’s major-league career. Four times before he had appeared in a game without recording an out, but in only one of them had he faced as many as three batters, that coming way back in his fifth major-league appearance in June 2006. In this game, he faced five men, and while two reached on errors, one of those errors was his own. The three runs Wilson allowed (only two of which were earned because his error came around to score) tied the fifth highest total of his career. The most he has ever allowed was four, and on each of the four occasions he did so, he got at least two outs. The last of those was in August 2009.


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