Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More hatred for A-Rod

Leaders of the MLB Players Association wanted to expel him after he sued the MLBPA, Yahoo Sports reports. 

I can hardly wait for Bruce Junkins of the SF Chron to report something idiotic along the lines of "Players hated Barry Bonds even more than A-Rod." 

Beyond that idiot, though, is the larger issue of whether the union did its job as one commenter on Baseball Think Factory notes --  ... the job of the union is not to enforce a moral standard preferred by the majority of it's members, it's to protect the negotiated rights of every single one of it's players. The union arguably did not sufficiently protect ARod's rights (which is why he's perfectly justified to sue them). Steroids are unpopular, but so are a lot of other things that certain union members do which I'm sure they don't want held against them in financial matters. Brett Myers hit his wife and probably 99% of the players have not done so, but do you think the union should support Myers to be punished beyond what MLB or the teams have the authority to do? If players want steroids out of the game, have them negotiate stricter drug laws. Hell I don't care if the next JDA has a ban for first time offense. But it has to be in there, you can't just make up #### as you go along.


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