Saturday, November 02, 2013

Matt Williams makes us proud

Matt Williams was always a fan favorite and it was tough to take when he got traded for Jeff Kent. He's now managing the Nats. Baseball Musings' David Pinto has some good commentary -- 

I like Matt as a player. One of the many thing lost in the 1994 strike was that Matt was on pace to set the National League record for home runs in a season, which at that time stood at 56. He hit 43 home runs in 115 Giants games (he played in 112), which would give him a pace of 60.5 for the season. As we saw with Chris Davis this season, those home runs can dry up quickly, but Williams had a very good shot at the NL record, and a decent chance to catching Maris as well.
He’s the second Williams to manage in Washington. Ted Williams managed the expansion Senators in their final three seasons in the nation’s capitol, then in the first season in Texas. They had a good first year under Ted, then got progressively worse.
It will be interesting to see how Matt handles Ryan Zimmerman. Ryan has trouble throwing. Williams was known for his defense, so maybe he can help correct Ryan’s problems.

He played from 1987 to 1996 for the Orange and Black and had three seasons with better than a 5.0 WAR

He was second in MVP voting in 1994 to Jeff Bagwell. I will always resent Bud Selig for giving up on the season and cancelling the World Series. Bud the Dingbat.  


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