Saturday, November 23, 2013

Done at 29

I'm still kind of amazed that Jeff Francouer appears to be done at 29. I really don't fault Brian Sabean much for giving Jeff his last shot. 

He got signed on July 9 and released on August 21, the same day that the Bosox beat up on Zito and the aptly named Mike Kickham for a 12-1 buttkick.   

In 2011, he put up 20 HRs and 87 RBIs in KC for a 3.2 WAR. Then he forgot how to play.

He wound up hitting just .194/.206/.226 with zero home runs and 12 strikeouts in 63 plate appearances with the Giants.

In a way, the Francouer signing symbolized the whole season. He was signed after one of the worst losses of the season, a 16-inning nightmare to the Mets, which the good guys lost 4-3. Posey got 5 hits, Crawford and Scutaro got 3 each and the rest of the team got 3.  

They were 40-48 at that point; when Francouer left they were 56-70, so they went 16-22 while he was on the team. Way to go, Frenchy!

Anyhow, the Giants went 20-16 the rest of the way so there is a bit of hope there...


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