Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good manners matter - Barry Zito

A nice gesture for sure by Barry Zito, buying a full page ad to thank the fans for their support.  My guess is that Barry hasn't read my posts on Giants Win about his lousy pitching. At one point in 2009, I believe I was contending that the righteous thing to do would be to retire.

My takeaway is that Zito's sense of public relations was always far better than his pitching. Well, except for the end of the 2012 season. He certainly deserved the World Series ring.

I guess that the price of a full-page ad in the SF Chronicle is small when you've been paid $126 million for seven years of pretty mediocre pitching. To his eternal credit, Zito always took the high road, which can be a lonely place.

Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk had a good observation -- But to the extent Zito struggled in San Francisco, he never felt abandoned by fans. 

Hey, Barry -- how about giving some pitching tips to the Cards????


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