Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stupid stolen bases

Well, that's my reaction to tonight's 3-2 loss at Chavez Latrine. The Giants could have won this game if Bochy hadn't decided to send Gregor Blanco in the 9th after he had tied the game with a single. Like clockwork, getting a guy thrown out always seems to cause the next guy to get a hit -- in this case, a double from Hector Sanchez, who actually seems to be able to hit MLB even off the bench.

I hate caught stealings. I hate them. I believe that Bill James contends that unless you can get a 75% success rate, stealing bases isn't worth it. Blanco's was the 23rd caught stealing this year out of 83 tries -- not good enough, in my opinion.

Oddly enough, the caught stealing isn't mentioned at all in Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chronicle. It's as if it never happened.

NOTE TO BRIAN SABEAN - How about taking the money for your guy Zito and spending it on a real hitter so your manager doesn't feel like he has to steal bases with the game on the line?


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