Sunday, July 21, 2013

Randall Delgado?

Really? The guy shuts out the Orange and Black today for a 3-1 vic to lift his lifetime record to 7-13 in his third MLB season. It's annoying when the Giants make a guy like Randall Delgado who's not very good look like the second coming of Sandy Koufax. 

What's especially annoying was a bonehead decision by Tim Flanney to send Buster Posey home from first on a double by Sandoval -- with NO ONE OUT -- so he could thrown out the plate in the 5th. Just plain stupid, no excuse whatsover.

UPDATE -- Flannery took the blame in the clubhouse, according to the beat writers. I don't feel much better because he killed what could have been a big inning right there and wasted another fine start by Bumgarner.

Andrew Owens of reports in his game story that Delgado has been pitching effectively enough not to get sent back to the minors.    


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