Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is it time for an Orange and Black fire sale?

The ever-reliable Lefty Malo has a nice post summing up how badly things are going -- so much so that serious fans have to wonder if a fire sale is coming. Here are the first few paragraphs -- 

I just got back from a week in the wilderness of triple-digit Northern California. I made it out just fine, but the Giants apparently are still wandering, heat-stroked.

I had an inkling of what was happening with my favorite team, but two-day old sports pages and second-hand accounts have a way of blunting the impact. I got home Sunday just in time to turn on the radio and hear the final three innings against the Dodgers. In the ninth, Sergio Romo's hanging slider hadn't even rolled to the wall off the bat of AJ Ellis, and I had already reverted back to my previous state: I pushed the car radio button, and I was instantly a million miles away from places where you get a big Yasiel shoved up your Puig even when, most of the time, you do things right, like match Clayton Kershaw pitch for pitch and strike out the aforementioned Puig in more than half his at-bats.

I'm not saying this season is a goner. Weird things happen. But I am saying that weird things
have to happen at this point for the Giants to jump over four teams, all of which have either a bounty of farm talent or cash (or both) to make trades that bolster their second-half rosters.

One more bad series, and frankly, folks, the tide should start flowing the opposite way. Ebb it, Sabes, ebb it. There will be plenty of talk-radio talk of moving Tim Lincecum to a contender that wants the Tim Lincecum of the 2012 Playoffs, because, hey, who wouldn't want that guy, and of course he's going to be that good again and the Giants will get a good prospect and 8.5 million or whatever dollars off their books.


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There isn't a definitive answer.

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