Friday, July 19, 2013

Baseball as a metaphor for life in America

The BBC has an interesting post from one of their writers, Simon Wilson, who sees the game as a strong reflection of how Americans deal with life--

I have come to realise over six years of intense study (and it has to be said the occasional pitch-side beer and hot dog) is the key point about baseball.
As a sport, it is really all about failure. Or more precisely how the players psychologically handle failure - the fact that they are going to miss the ball more often than they hit it.
And as I have sat in the stands over the years, I have begun to realise just why there is such a rich tradition of treating baseball as a metaphor for life in America.
Just as their baseball players do, Americans are adept at picking themselves up
This is indeed the land of opportunity where children grow up being told what a "great job" they are doing and how they might all be president one day.
Which is all fine of course, except that for many, perhaps for most Americans, success never really comes.


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