Friday, July 05, 2013


Yep -- that is the road record for the Orange and Black this year per Henry Schulman's story of yesterday's rain out in Cincinnati. 

Gregor Blanco0-for-22Last hit was in first game of road trip1-for-24
Brandon Crawford0-for-21Last hit was June 25 in L.A.2-for-28
Buster Posey0-for-12Last hit was 3rd-inning HR on Sunday11-for-31
Hunter Pence0-for-10Two hits in his past 25 at-bats6-for-32
Pablo Sandoval0-for-10One hit in past 30 at-bats3-for-33
Marco Scutaro0-for-7Three hits in his past 7 games3-for-26
Juan Perez0-for-32-for-23 in his past 9 games1-for-12


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