Sunday, June 30, 2013

Posey, Pence, Bumgarner, Romo

The big ugly 6-game losing streak is over thanks to those four guys stepping up in Denver today for a 5-2 vic

It was Romo's first save since June 1, per Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chronicle. Buster got it starteded in the third with a homer... 

Even though Posey had been the only Giant to drive in a run since Tuesday, the Rockies pitched to him with grave results. With one out in the third he hit a long home run to left to give the their first lead in 25 innings.
Torres and Abreu went single-double to start the fifth inning before the Giants got a break they had not been able to find.
With the infield in, Posey hit a grounder to second baseman D.J. LeMaiheu. LeMaiheu froze Torres at third with a look, but Abreu took off from second anyway as LeMaiheu threw out Posey at first.
Abreu rushed back to second base to beat the throw from Pacheco, but the first baseman threw it into center field. Torres scored and Abreu went to third as disaster turned to opportunity.
Pence, who was 2-for-16 on the trip, followed with the Giants' most cathartic hit in a long spell, a monster drive to right-center field that landed in the Rockies bullpen and gave the Giants a 4-0 lead.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to the bad old days for Matt Cain

He pitched magnificently in Denver today. Jeremy Affeldt just gave up a game-winning single in the bottom of the 9th for a 2-1 loss. Jeremy has been lousy of late.

For the second day in a row, the offense consisted of Buster Posey driving in a run

Anyhow, Matt often pitched extremely well in 2007 and 2008 and got little run support so he'd wind up with records like 7-14 and 6-13 and WARs over 4.0 

The remarkable Marco Scutaro

A Giants Win hat tip to Dave Cameron at Fangraphs, who has a fine piece about how Scutaro has improved himself as a player over his career -- 

And while super high contact numbers aren’t always a great thing for hitters — they often can be combined with a complete lack of power or plate discipline — Scutaro has basically refined his approach to maximize performance. Over the last calendar year, he’s posted the third lowest rate of swings on pitches out of the strike zone, and he owns the highest contact rate on pitches in the strike zone. In other words, Scutaro won’t swing at balls and he doesn’t miss strikes. Even with modest power, that approach can be highly effective.
Over that same past 365 day window, Scutaro has hit .327/.370/.422, good for a 120 wRC+. For comparison, that puts him just ahead of guys like Howie Kendrick and Chase Utley, who we profiled as still an excellent player yesterday. Among qualified second baseman, Scutaro ranks fifth in wRC+ over the last year, and he’s not that far behind guys like Dustin Pedroia (127 wRC+).
At a point in his career where most players are a shell of their prior selves, Scutaro is better than he’s ever been, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Over the last year, he’s been worth +3.5 WAR while hitting five home runs and stealing three bases. He might be the least toolsy player in the entire sport, but he has learned to completely own the strike zone, and that single skill alone has made him one of the best second baseman in baseball.

Friday, June 28, 2013


RIP Justin Miller

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where is Dontrelle Willis?

Dontrelle pitched in 8 games for the Giants farm teams in 2010. He was Rookie of the Year in 2003 and one of the best players in the game in 2005. 

He almost made it back to the bigs via the Giants. Now, he's toiling away in Long Island in the low minors. A pretty good read, written by Howard Megdal for Ducks In a Row -- 

"Everybody wants to be in the big leagues," Willis said, his animated expression turning serious. "I wouldn't want to play with anybody that doesn't. You know, to be honest with you. And if they tell you they're not, they're bull----ters, excuse my language... Everybody wants to play at the highest level."

The June swoon

That was a phrase that SF sportswriters coined in the early days of the franchise when the Giants would have an unfortunate June. I believe that the worst was in 1960 when Bill Rigney got fired.

Anyhow, the Giants have lived down to the label with a 9-15 mark so far this month. Let's finish the month 12-15, guys!

Back to 1960, the Giants were doing OK in mid-June at 32-21 but lost 4 in a row, replaced Rig and went 46-50 the rest of the year.  

Hard to believe that the 3-4-5 hitters in that lineup were Mays, Stretch and Cepeda.  Mays had a 9.4 WAR, followed by Mike McCormick at 5.1, Cepeda at 4.1, Willie Kirlkland at 3.1 and Billy O'Dell at 3.0

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Get him out of there"

I'm sure Bruce Bochy must have been hoping that the Tim Lincecum of 2008-11 had returned tonight to chavez latrine.

Unfortunately, this is 2013.

Bruce let Tim give away a 2-1 lead in the 6th with 4 straight hits by the dodgers. "What are you trying to prove?" is the refrain that every Giants fan was thinking at that point. '

Look, Bruce -- that Tim is GONE. With this Tim, PULL HIM OUT once he starts to falter. Here's the reportage by Henry Schulman of the SF Chron --  

For five innings, Tim Lincecum pitched as though he might beat Kershaw for the first time since 2008. For the second consecutive start, his night fell apart in the sixth inning and he gave away a lead.
The Giants were ahead 2-1 on Buster Posey’s 10th homer of the season, after a Marco Scutaro walk, when the Dodgers pinned three runs on Lincecum with four consecutive hits (Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier, A.J. Ellis, Juan Uribe) and a wild pitch.
Catcher Hector Sanchez had a bad inning, dropping the ball as he tried to catch Ramirez stealing, throwing in the dirt on Ethier’s steal and failing to get in front of Lincecum’s wild pitch, which allowed Ellis to score the fourth run.
The wild pitch was Lincecum’s last, as manager Bruce Bochy removed Lincecum mid-batter. Jose Mijares inherited a 2-1 count and struck out Skip Schumaker and Kershaw to keep the Dodgers lead at 4-2.

Another dodger failure

Bryan Stow -- dealing with the aftermath

Frank McCourt made over $1 billion from selling the dodgers. His casual disregard for providing security may have been a contributing factor in the Bryan Stow beating two years ago.

This latest story from USA Today, where everything in Stow's life is a struggle, is what I call a count-your-blessings story. 

I'm wondering if Frank McCourt ever read the story. I would bet not.

Right in the middle of the NL West

The most valuable in the Orange and Black

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dodgers ALWAYS suck

I don't care if they win 100 games this year. They still suck. Always have, always will

I'm glad to straighten out any of you who were uncertain.

If Bruce Bochy had used a quicker hook tonight at chavez latrine, the Giants might have gotten a vic. WHAT ARE YOU DOING LEAVING KICKHAM OUT THERE FOR?

Monday, June 24, 2013

A .500 team 13 years ago

I hate the dodgers

First losing homestand in 10 months

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome back, Pablo Sandoval

It sounds like he's clobbering the ball so I'm hoping he'll be starting tomorrow night at Chavez Latrine.

It's notable that the Giants are playing the two most hateful teams in MLB -- the Marlins and the dodgers -- back to back

What an ugly boxscore today other than Blanco and Scutaro going 4 for 8, Matt Cain pitching respectably and Pence finally homering -- the first Orange and Black homer in something like 90 innings.Sounds like Jean Machi had nothing and made this into a blowout in the top of the 9th.  

update -- Here's what Henry Schulman just blogged (and I disagree that Sandoval is not a panacea...he's exactly who they need)  --


What I've seen from the #sfgiants lately is a team that
not only misses its injured regulars, but also has players who are trying too hard to be heroes when all they need to do is play their games. That explains all of the baserunners getting thrown out trying to stretch, like Marco Scutaro today, and pitchers trying to be perfect with 0-2 and 1-2 pitches, etc... Beyond that, it's hard to score when Pence and Posey aren't hitting. And the relievers are starting to show the wear of following all those short starts earlier in the year. Sandoval will provide a lift, but he's not a panacea.

"Playing at 70% is not going to do it"

That's Angel Pagan, explaining to the SF Chronicle why he may have to get surgery on a torn tendon.Here's the verbiage -- 

Now, he wants to choose the option that gets him back in the lineup healthiest, not quickest, saying his legs are critical to his game.
"If I was a first baseman, I could probably go through it playing at 70 percent," he said. "I've got a big responsibility to this team going to the leadoff spot, stealing bases, scoring, playing center field. I take a lot of pride. Playing at 70 percent is not going to do it."

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marty Foster gifts dodgers an early Xmas present

A pretty awful "safe" call on what should have been a double play at Petco allows the dodgers to score an undeserved run. Even the Fox announcers were stunned.

What the hell is it with all this crappy umpiring this year?

Dingbat Marlins give one to the Giants

That's the way it looks to me, anyhow. For some reason not apparent to me or Jon Miller, the Marlins did not bring in leftfielder Justin Ruggiano with the bases loaded and one out in the 11th. What???? So Hector Sanchez' little dunker fell in. Ruggiano tried to pick it up but butterfingered it and Blanco scored the winning run. 

Well, I despise the Marlins on many levels. It's nice to know that the object of my automatic contempt is also occasionally stupid.Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle is much kinder than me. 

Gregor Blanco opened the bottom half with his seventh hit of the series, an infield single against lefty Mike Dunn. Marco Scutaro sacrificed against right-hander Ryan Webb.
In a sign of how badly Buster Posey has been going, 1-for-11 in the series and 4-for-19 on the homestand, the Marlins pitched to him with first-base open and he responded with an infield single.
The Marlins then walked Pence to load the base for Sanchez, who flipped a ball behind third base. Left fielder Justin Ruggiano charged the ball but let it fall, perhaps hoping to get a force at home because Blanco was holding at third. But as soon as the ball fell, Blanco charged home and the ball skipped past Ruggiano.

I hate the Marlins as much as the dodgers

OK, now we're straight on that. If there was ever a franchise owner as evil as the dodgers, it's that rapacious dingbat Jeffrey Loria.

The dodgers got buttkicked just like the Giants tonight. The Giants are 37-36. The dodgers are 30-42 and on a pace to win 67 games.Clayton Kershaw is now 5-5.  

By far the best news -- Tim Lincecum went back to being Cy Young winner Tim; Jean Machi was awful in the 8th. Here's what Chris Haft had to say --  

Lincecum has looked OK in his last four games, recording quality starts in three of them. His ERA in this stretch, which dates back to the groundswell of reports about his possible move to the bullpen, is 2.92. Friday, Lincecum allowed four hits in seven innings, five of which he concluded with strikeouts.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tom Koehler?

It's probably just me but it really is amazing how the Giants occasionally will make a guy who's just starting out look like the second coming of Sandy Koufax.

Henry Schulman's game story notes that it's the 8th win a row in SF for the Miami Marlins and that the third win in that streak was the Scott Cousins game. That's what I call it to memorialize the psycho headhunter who ruined the 2011 season.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Orange and Black killer instinct

Giants Win got to attend today's 4-2 vic in Section 212, particularly the amazing sequence where the Giants took the game from 2-1 to 4-2 in a space of 6 pitches.

Bud Black decided to take out Eric Stults in the middle of the At Bat for Hector Sanchez and bring in Luke Gregorson. Whatever Gregorson normally has, he didn't have today and the Giants took him to task and punished him but good in 6 pitches before Black got him out there--

  • Pitching Change: Luke Gregerson replaces Eric Stults, batting 9th.
  • 3.Hector Sanchez singles on a line drive to right fielder Chris Denorfia. Tony Abreu to 3rd.
  • Offensive Substitution: Pinch-runner Brandon Crawford replaces Hector Sanchez.
  • Offensive Substitution: Pinch-hitter Gregor Blanco replaces Andres Torres.
  • 4.Gregor Blanco triples (4) on a fly ball to center fielder Will Venable. Tony Abreu scores. Brandon Crawford scores.
  • 5.Marco Scutaro singles on a line drive to center fielder Will Venable. Gregor Blanco scores.
  • 6.Buster Posey singles on a line drive to right fielder Chris Denorfia. Marco Scutaro to 2nd.

I think the kid is going to make it

That would be Juan Perez, who's playing like he belongs in the bigs. Chris Haft's game story for has details about last night-- 

Fresno, Calif., has its charms, but Juan Perez is performing as if he has no intention of returning to the home of the Giants' Triple-A affiliate.
Perez's two-out single broke an eighth-inning tie and highlighted a two-run uprising Tuesday night as the Giants rebounded for a 5-4 victory over the San Diego Padres, whose seven-game winning streak dissolved.
One inning earlier, the rookie center fielder prevented a San Diego rally by throwing out Mark Kotsay at home plate.
The hit left Perez with a .421 batting average (8-for-19). The throw gave him his fourth outfield assist, already tops among Giants outfielders, in just seven games.
Perez was recalled from Fresno on June 7 when center fielder and leadoff hitter Angel Pagan went on the disabled list. At the current rate, Perez likely will remain with the Giants even when Pagan recovers from his left hamstring injury and rejoins the active roster, which could be as soon as next week.

Turning point of the season?

That's what I remember thinking in the bottom of the 8th with the Giants down 4-3 to the Padres...

After Jeremy Affledt pitched as badly as I've ever seen him -- a 2-run line driver HR to center by Jesus Guzman, for heaven's sake -- the good guys got started with a single by Buster Posey, who Bochy immediately lifted for Andres Torres. Pence struck out, bringing up Brandon Belt and I thought "The Giants only have 5 outs left so this could be a turning point of the season...."

A moment later, Belt crushed a pitch off the right center field wall and Torres came all the way around. Juan Perez eventually got him home and Romo locked the Padres down in the 9th.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your 4th place SF Giants

Sunday, June 16, 2013

So that was a quality start, I guess

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"It's hard to lose a game like that"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Matt's back on the anniversary

Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle recaps last night's laffer in Pittsburgh, noting that it was the 1-year anniversary of Matt Cain's perfecto.

Matt's return to form could not have come at a better time!

MC O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain has his usual fine take -- 

Mostly though, this game was a tonic. A balm. A salve. The Giants got good pitching (zero runs allowed!), lots of hitting (ten runs scored!), and good fielding (no errors and three DPs!). That's a good combination. Giants: repeat that.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adios, Ramon Ramirez

Whatever magic he had in 2010 is gone. He was DFAd today in favor of a new fella from Frenso, accoording to Henry Schulman's blog for the SF Chron --

The Giants have designated Ramon Ramirez for a assignment and recalled Jake Dunning, a 24-year-old right-hander who has an impressive 1.75 ERA in 23 games for Triple-A Fresno. He also has 31 strikeouts against 10 walks in 36 innings. The Giants drafted Dunning in the 33rd round of the 2009 draft, from Indiana University.
Ramirez, a member of the 2010 World Series team, just couldn’t get outs and allowed runs in six of his seven outings. The Giants have 10 days to trade him or waive him. Chances are he’ll just outrighted after 10 days, when he’d have the choice to return to Fresno or become a free agent.
The Giants also made a move for the offense, bringing back catcher Hector Sanchez and optioning Brett Pill to Fresno.

Salvaging the day

Nothing like an extra innings dodger loss to salvage a bad day!

The dodgers  gagged away a vic in the 12th -- sweet. Cody Ross was on fire

They are now 28-37, which translates out to about 71-91

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where are the Orange and Black road warriors?

Holy mackerel! This team has become gawdawful on the road -- largely because the starting pitching is B-A-D. The offense put up 8 runs and that wasn't nearly enough.

I'm feeling a growing disgust with Barry Zito. If this is the best he can do, he should consider retiring.  

I know that Brian Sabean gets a lot of credit for assembling the parts to win 2 World Series, but I'd contend that the team got damn lucky to score a lot of runs in games when Zito pitched. He's getting $126 million over the 7 years and he played like garbage tonight. Henry Schulman of the SF Chron has written a withering lead --

Pittsburgh -- You see Giants fans at ballparks around America and feel sorry that they wasted their money on the tickets, airfare and hotels, because this team is practically unwatchable outside of San Francisco and its home away from home, Phoenix.
The Pirates won for second consecutive night, 12-8, and dropped the Giants' road record to 12-20.
Somehow, the Giants have found a way to own Chase Field, where they are 5-1. But elsewhere they are 7-19 with five of the seven wins in Los Angeles and Chicago over the season's first two weeks.
The Giants faced Francisco Liriano for the first time and put a dent in his 1.75 ERA, scoring four runs in six innings, but Barry Zito was awful on the road again.
His ERA away from China Basin rose to 11.28 when, in 4 2/3 innings, he allowed eight runs on 11 hits. Pittsburgh's 1-through-5 hitters were a combined 10-for-14 with a walk and seven runs.
The Pirates built leads of 8-4 and 11-6 before Buster Posey's two-run bloop double in the eighth made the score more respectable.
Zito had a shot to escape the fifth inning with a 4-4 tie until he froze on a sharp Russell Martin bases-loaded grounder to Brandon Belt that could have been turned into an inning-ending double play had Zito covered first.

Get him out of there!

Note to Bruce Bochy -- Your faith in Barry Zito's ability to get out legit hitters like Pedro Alvarez is severely misplaced.

Please please please -- do NOT renew Zito next year.

Dodgers and Dbacks beanball war, Gibson still a meathead

Welcome back, Sandy Rosario

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kirk Gibson is a meathead

He was an idiot last year, whining that the Giants should suffer more due to Melky Cabrera's transgressions. What a crybaby! He's even a bigger dingbat this year. 

What an idiot. He had a vic in reach tonight at Chavez Latrine and gave it away by getting tossed in the 7th and having stupid idiots running the team in his absence. I've always thought he was numbskull and he proved it tonight.  

He was out of control tonight as were the dodgers, per the story -- . Frankly, both teams behaved like babies --

 Tuesday night's game between the Dodgers and D-backs deteriorated into a beanbrawl in the sixth and seventh innings, as Ian Kennedy hit Yasiel Puig in the nose with a fastball, Zack Greinke retaliated by hitting Miguel Montero in the back with a pitch and Kennedy further retaliated by hitting Greinke in the shoulder with a pitch.
Both benches emptied when Greinke hit Montero, but no punches were thrown. When Greinke was hit by Kennedy's first pitch to him in the bottom of the seventh, however, the Dodgers erupted.
Los Angeles manager Don Mattingly and Arizona skipper Kirk Gibson got physically tangled, and Dodgers coach Mark McGwire went jaw to jaw with Gibson and D-backs coach Matt Williams.
But the real action occurred near the photo well next to the Arizona dugout, where Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario went after several players, and J.P. Howell smashed Arizona coach Turner Ward into the padded railing. Puig re-ignited the melee and had to be pulled from the scrum.
Because of the warning issued after Greinke hit Montero, Kennedy and Gibson were ejected. McGwire, Ward, Puig and Belisario were also ejected. When the Dodgers came out for the top of the eighth inning, Puig was replaced in right field by Alex Castellanos.
Greinke is pitching with a metal plate in his collarbone, which was broken when he was charged by San Diego's Carlos Quentin after hitting him with a pitch April 11.

If you read the recap, the writer highlights the five hit batters and the ejections of Gibson and several others in the 7th, so he was no longer in the dugout when this sequence happened in the bottom of the 8th -- all with David Hernandez on the mound and a 3-2 lead. He walks the bases full and you DON'T replace him, so Tim Federowitz can beat you?  
  • Adrian Gonzalez walks.
  • 2.Alex Castellanos bunt grounds out to catcher Miguel Montero. Alex Castellanos out on batter interference.
  • 3.Andre Ethier walks. Adrian Gonzalez to 2nd.
  • 4.Juan Uribe walks. Adrian Gonzalez to 3rd. Andre Ethier to 2nd.
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • 5.Tim Federowicz doubles (3) on a line drive to left fielder Jason Kubel. Adrian Gonzalez scores. Andre Ethier scores. Juan Uribe scores. 

Bad night in Pittsburgh

The brittle Sandoval

Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle just tweeted that Pablo Sandoval has a stress fracture in his foot. Geez -- this is the third year in a row he's had a broken bone following hamate breaks in 2011 and 2012.

I guess I can't say he can't get a break. My guess would be he's out for a month at least.

My guess is that Nick Noonan, who was sent out a few days ago, will back soon.

UPDATE -- Schulman just posted to the chron's blog, saying Noonan is coming back 

Monday, June 10, 2013

A thing of beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth,
Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth -- John Keats

Well, you weren't just whistling Dixie, John

Giants Win got to see the dodgers perform one of their epic 9th inning gags tonight at Chavez Latrine. 51 years after the Giants scored 4 runs in the top of the 9th after being down by two runs, the Dbacks did the same. The Giants won 6-4; the Dbacks won 5-4.

The dodgers aka the Yankees of the West are now 27-36. Brandon League is a joke as a closer and the dodger "fans" were booing Don Mattingly lustily when he finally got around to removing League after giving up 3 runs, bringing in Pete Moylan, who promply gave up the 5th run. Juan Uribe, of all people, got a run back with a homer in the bottom of the night but that was it with hotshot rook Yasiel Puig in the on deck circle as the game ended on an Adrian Gonzalez  ground out. hat a beautiful night

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another good day for the good guys

A good day for the good guys! 

Giants finally win a series on the road (in Phoenix) for the first time since their last trip to Phoenix. Chad Gaudin has stepped up big time, per Jackson's game story for the SF Chronicle.  

Bochy reiterated even before the game that Gaudin is firmly in the rotation, especially now that Vogelsong has been moved to the 60-day DL and won't be back before the All-Star break. But as if to affirm his manager's confidence, the right-hander stared down not only the Diamondbacks, but also a stomach virus that struck him just before the game and led him to vomit a couple of times during the game.
"At first, I thought it was just nerves," Gaudin said after the game, by which time he felt better. "I just had to battle and get through it."

And the Braves throw cold water on the ridiculous attempt by desperate dodger fans to sanctify Yasiel Puig -- who managed to get arrested for driving 95 mph earlier this year.

Dodgers are now 27-35 -- TASTY!

Boom after the bust

Pretty good night!

After losing 3-1, the Giants scored 10 tonight. 

Curious fact -- Pence is now 12 for 12 in stolen bases. 

Meanwhile, the dodgers finally lost to the Braves.  

Despite thy hype about the Cuban Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers are 27-34, which makes them on course for a 70-92 season. BEAUTY!

Friday, June 07, 2013

"Dumb pitch, dumb location"

The start of Buster and Brandon in the Orange and Black

There's a nice story on the Giants site about the 2008 draft, which Posey and Crawford into the Orange and Black.'s Lyle Spencer focuses on John Barr in the Giants front office. Barr credits Jason's Kendall's brother --

"Mike Kendall deserves credit for doing a really nice job with Brandon," Barr said. "He's a big-bodied shortstop who's really athletic. We were impressed with his agility and body control, and his arm is plus.
"Offensively, his hand-eye coordination and strength are there. He has some power. He's a great kid, very humble. He's got a sense of humor and a quick wit. He's mature and respected."

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Dodgers embarrassed

Giants Win attended last night's 6-2 marathon at Chavez Latrine with the Padres beating down the dodgers and Clayton Kershaw.

What a thing of beauty -- just when Yasiel Puig had helped them win two games in his MLB debut, San Diego finally played like a first-class team.

Dodgers are 25-33. Here's's recap.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

R.A. Dickey saves face

Wouldn't you know that last year's NL Cy Young winner would finally revert to form? The Giants were able to manage two silly singles -- which says to me that the knuckler was finally working.

It's slightly embarrassing that the Giants seem to be able to revive pitchers who are teetering.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Back to 2010 for the Orange and Black

Two of the biggest heroes from three years ago -- Tim Lincecum and Andres Torres -- rediscovered that magic on Tuesday night in a 2-1 vic at home. If those two can keep it going for the rest of the season .... 

Just for the heck of it, I went back and found a 2010 game that also had a 2-1 score in the early season. Tim was the winner over the Astros --who were playing Pence at the time -- and Torres doubled. The good guys won a 2-run homer by Juan Uribe. 

The starting lineup went like this -- Rowand, Torres, Huff, Molina, Uribe, Schierholtz, Rohlinger, Matt Downs, Tim, who went 8. Brian Wilson picked up the save. The Astros were starting Roy Oswalt, Michael Bourn, Pedro Felize, Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee.    

Lots of familiar names among the pitchers on the roster -- Cain, Affeldt, Zito, Romo, Casilla. 
Here's part of Henry Schulman's report about Tim tonight  for the SF Chronicle --

He allowed three hits over seven innings and masterfully mixed an array of pitches in his best game since he beat the Braves at home May 12, his only good start of the month.
Call it baby steps, but Lincecum also got his unsightly ERA below 5.00, at 4.75 to be exact. He walked one and got all six of his strikeouts during a stretch of 14 straight batters retired.

Remembering 10 cent beer night

As wild and crazy as things would get out at the Stick, I can safely say that nothing ever approached the utter chaos of Cleveland's 10 Cent Beer Night promotion. 

Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated recaps --

 Aided by a poorly-considered purchase limit of six cups of beer at a time, many fans were already inebriated prior to first pitch, and a circus-like atmosphere prevailed. In the second inning, a woman jumped into the Indians’ on-deck circle and lifted her shirt. In the fourth, a completely naked man slid into second base while the Rangers’ Tom Grieve circled the bases after homering, and in the fifth, a father-son pair mooned the crowd after jumping over an outfield wall. Late in the game, fans climbed onto the field and pestered Rangers rightfielder Jeff Burroughs, some even shaking his hand.

Jaffe gives a shout-out to Mike Shropshire's "Seasons in Hell" about the early years of the Texas Rangers franchise. He also lists the four forfeits in last 60 years --

 The forfeit stands as one of four since 1954. On Sept. 30, 1971, the Senators forfeited to the Yankees in what turned out to be their final game in Washington when fans stormed the RFK Stadium field, and one stole first base. On July 12, 1979, the White Sox held a Disco Demolition Night between games of a doubleheader against the Tigers, blowing up a crate of records but leaving the field in unplayable condition, that after fans had hurled records onto the field and at each other during the opener. On Aug. 10, 1995, the Dodgers forfeited a game to the Cardinals when the baseballs they handed out as a pregame promotion were thrown onto the field following the ejections of Raul Mondesi and manager Tommy Lasorda over a disputed strike call.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Thanks, Chris Quick!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

dodgers gagging again, heading for 68-94

Relief role for Tim?

Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle strongly suggests that Tim Lincecum's days as a starter may be numbered -- due to his own ineffectiveness as a starter plus Chad Gaudin's fine performance today plus Tim being in the pen for the last two days, plus his fine postseason performance in that role.  

More than a few people in and out of baseball believe Lincecum’s future is in relief, given his burgeoning struggles as a starter plus the way he blew threw the Reds, Cardinals and Tigers out of the bullpen in the 2012 postseason.
In five relief appearances, Lincecum pitched 12 innings and allowed only one run and three hits while walking two and striking out 17.
Although the Giants’ hands are tied at the moment with Ryan Vogelsong on the disabled list, GM Brian Sabean, Bochy and pitching coach Dave Righetti surely will kick around the idea of Lincecum in relief if they otherwise have enough starters.
Bochy stressed Sunday that Lincecum’s move to the ‘pen was not the start of a grand transition, but a temporary move that arose with the confluence of two events: the potential need for extra bullpen help with a doubleheader Saturday and Gaudin’s spot start, plus two off days this week that make it easy to shuffle the rotation.
“I talked to him,” Bochy said. “He said, ‘If you need help I’m ready.’”

That elusive Orange and Black quality start

Saturday, June 01, 2013

That sinking feeling -- 6-12 over the last 18

At least the dodgers lost

The Giants have just gotten swept in a doubleheader by a combined 15-1 score, leaving the good guys at 29-27. Yikes!

But the Rox have made the day a little tolerable, beating the dodgers 7-6 in 10. Thanks, Rox.

Eat it, Colletti

What a great moment on the Fox regional telecast of the Rox-dodgers game -- they had dodger GM Ned Colletti in the booth bragging about what a great pitcher Zach Greinke is just as he gave up a 2-run HR to Carlos Gonzalez, losing the 3-2 lead in mid-sentence. Eat it, Ned. Eat it raw.

To his credit, Colletti acknowledged as much at the end of the inning, saying, "Sorry I couldn't keep the lead." 

Just one game -- even if it's a lousy one

So I went to do an errand with the score 2-0 in the bottom of the 3rd of the Cards-Giants game, come back and it's 7-0 in the top of the 4th. Good Lord. Just as well that I didn't have to sit through all that.

I'm a bit amazed that Matt is still out there in the bottom of the 4th!

UPDATE -- Matt racked up a socreless 4th and just struck out in the top of the 5th with Nick Noonan on base so I guess he's in there for awhile longer....and he just got through the bottom of the 5th without giving up any more runs

This is how you know you're a true fan, saying things like, "Matt looked pretty good after the third."

UPDATE -- now it's the top of the 7th and Torres has led off with the Giants' 5TH hit. It's still 7-0...


UPDATE -- Chris Haft of says Matt Cain has not been himself this year. AGREED!  

Cain, the three-time All-Star who pitched a perfect game last June 13, clearly has not been himself this year. He allowed six runs or more for the fourth time in 12 starts, including twice against St. Louis, as his ERA climbed to 5.45.
Cain also walked none and struck out a season-high nine, indicating that he maintained some effectiveness during his 101-pitch stint. But none of it was evident during St. Louis' big third.

The unlucky Dodgers