Wednesday, May 01, 2013


One of the best vics of the year! It's still amazing what Sandoval can do with the game on the line. This is from Henry Schulman's recap-- 

Sandoval had two more hits and has 11 in his past 17 at-bats. That elbow discomfort that forced him out of Monday night's game was gone by the time he left the clubhouse. There was no doubt he would play Tuesday.
He had gone 37 at-bats without a homer, though, and had to calm himself at the plate, especially after Putz hung a splitter on the first pitch. Sandoval lurched and fouled it off. The next time, he stayed back and secured a series victory for the Giants in the wake of a five-game losing streak.
Pence might not have heard it, but Sandoval said he told the right fielder, "I'm going to clique one."
A called shot?
"Pretty much," said Sandoval, who flipped his bat high toward the Giants' dugout in celebration.


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