Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zito the stopper

That Barry Zito continues to be full of surprises. He got his 4th vic today in a 5-2 win over his former teammates, the Annoying A's.And the Giants brought their hitting shoes, per Chris Haft's story on -- 

The Giants hiked their record to 7-0 in games started by Zito this year at AT&T Park. Ending San Francisco's stretch of six consecutive games without a quality start, Zito pitched six adventurous innings while allowing one run and three hits -- all by Coco Crisp. Though Zito walked a season-high six, the A's scored off him only in the second inning, when Derek Norris and opposing pitcher A.J. Griffin walked to set up Crisp's RBI single.
Pinch-hitting for Zito, Brett Pill christened the Giants' big sixth with a single off leaping first baseman Nate Freiman's glove. Brandon Crawford doubled one out later. Sandoval, whose eighth-inning RBI single Wednesday interrupted a 7-for-44 (.159) skid, scored Pill and Crawford with his second single of the afternoon.
Hunter Pence's two-out single prolonged the inning and finished Griffin. Facing Hideki Okajima, Belt defied the lefty-on-lefty percentages by doubling to left field, scoring Sandoval and Pence.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tim and his 5.00 plus ERA

The brutal truth of this Giants season is that he's no longer effective. He was at 4.75 before the game and went over 5.00 tonight with 5 earned runs; he could not even get out of the 5th.

The Giants have had 2 quality starts in the last 15 games and only 21 quality starts for the year.I would contend that Lincecum's lousiness is having a spillover effect.

Baseball Reference rates him at negative 3.2 WAR last year and negative 0.9 this year. The scouting report is something like this -- don't swing at pitches out of the strike zone. 

It's the kind of thing that happens to guys at the end of their careers, not at age 28. 

As I write this, the Giants have rallied to get back to 7-6 in the 8th as Sandoval finally drove in a run. But the pen gave up two more in the 9th and that was that.

John Perricone at Only Baseball Matters -- who I have always found to be pretty sharp --  is surprised that things have gotten so bad so fast --  

Our starters have the fourth worst record and ERA in the league. This is supposed to be the strength of the team. What the hell is going on? Anyone?
Every time I turn the game on, it’s already 4-1. If it wasn’t for our league best offense, we’d be in last place by a mile.
Don’t expect any significant changes. These guys have to figure out what the league has figured out about them. They’d better get it done soon. The Giants are about to be on the road for most of the next month, and starting every game down 4 runs is a recipe for last place.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The annoying A's

I can't bring myself to hate the Oakland A's players any more than the Rox, Padres or Dbacks but if they moved to Buffalo or Louisville or Portland or Havana, I'd be just fine with it. It's not that the players themselves are annoying and Billy Beane is a very competent executive but I've had it up to here with the pathetic excuse for an owner, money-grubbing real-estate developer Lew Wolff, who apparently believes that the world owes him a living and a new taxpayer-funded ballpark.

Note to Lew -- If you don't like it in Oakland, then put the team up for sale, you dingbat. 

I didn't really care that much about the A's even when they were winning World Series except that they damn near caused the Giants to move to Florida in 1992. Now that they're 49-45 against the Giants in interleague play, I hope go on a big fat losing streak, starting with tomorrow's game in SF.

Susan Slusser recaps the game for the SF Chron without mentioning the fact that A's tarp over the top deck of their horrific ballpark -- as bad a facility as the Stick was when it went out of MLB business in 1999. New starter Mike Kickham was no damn good, facing a team that will never be mistaken for the 1927 Yankees.


Kickham to join Nathan and Sadowski?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mike Kickham in the Orange and Black

He'll be the starter tomorrow for the game at the Colisseum. He's been pitching very well at Fresno. It's time to find out of the kid (24 years old) has it. 

He is ranked by as the 12th best prospect in the organization. Here's what the recap said -- 

He has pretty good stuff from the left side with a fastball that touches 93 mph. It has good sink to it, eliciting many groundball outs. He has a curve and a slider and can vary them well. He maintains good arm speed on his changeup, giving him the chance for a four-pitch mix. He'll need to cut down on his walks, but he's not far from being ready to help out the big league rotation.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Matt Cain gets a short victory

The magic 7th time

Steve Kroner of the SF Chronicle list the seven times that batters have hit inside the park homers at AT and T park since it opened in 2000 -- in other words: one every two seasons. One of my earliest memories is seeing Eddie Bressoud hit one at the Stick in 1961.

  1. May 9, 2000: Fernando Viña, St. Louis, off Giants’ Russ Ortiz, 2nd inning
  2. Aug. 4, 2004: Dustin Mohr, Giants, off Cincinnati’s Jose Acevedo, 5th inning
  3. July 10, 2007 (All-Star Game): Ichiro Suzuki, AL, off NL’s Chris Young, 5th inning
  4. June 14, 2009: Nate Schierholtz, Giants, off A’s Brett Anderson, 3rd inning
  5. April 14, 2010: Aubrey Huff, Giants, off Pittsburgh’s Charlie Morton, 2nd inning
  6. Sept. 27, 2011: Conor Gillaspie, Giants, off Colorado’s Esmil Rogers, 7th inning
  7. May 25, 2013: Angel Pagan, Giants, off Colorado’s Rafael Betancourt, 10th inning.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"They're screaming as loud as they can"

Tim is not that guy any more

Tim Lincecum gave up 4 runs last night and everyone says that it was a pretty good outing.

That says to me that he's in a serious decline. He's not the same pitcher any longer.

Here's what Steve Kroner said in his game story -- 
Manager Bruce Bochy called Lincecum's Friday performance "an improved outing."
"He got better as he went," Bochy said of Lincecum. "He did give us seven innings. Overall, I said he was OK. Was he great? It's hard to say that when you do give up four, but there was bad luck mixed in that."

Lefty Malo wrote a few weeks ago that the time had come to put Tim in the bullpen but that was before Ryan Vogelsong got hurt. It's obvious that whatever he had that made him so special in 2007-11 has gone.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dodgers in last place

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Surprise - Nats don't blow game

After last year's mega-choke in the NLDS to the Cards, I expect the Nats to lose tight games like Tuesday night. They managed to avoid that today even though they blew an 8th inning lead. 

Best part of today's game was Bumgarner pitching like an All Star 

If anyone is wondering about the specifics of the NLDS, it was an epic choke with 4 runs in the top of the 9th to give away a 2-run lead -- just like the dodgers in game 165 of 1962 

As is so often the case, Buster Posey delivered in the clutch, per the SF Chronicle's blog post --

The Giants tied the game, and got Bumgarner a no-decision, after Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro walked with one out in the eighth. Gonzalez walked Pagan. Scutaro took a walk from from Drew Storen knowing his 19-game hit streak might be doomed.
Buster Posey then grounded a single through the hole to scoring Pagan and tie the game 1-1.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pandamonium again

As Giants fans, we are fortunate to have the kind of guy that can blast walkoff homers in the 10th. My my my.

The Nats pitcher -- a Cuban exile named Yunesky Maya -- had been scheduled to start a game in Toledo as part of the Syracuse team. Instead, the big club summoned him to fly to SF so he could give up a line drive out to Pagan, a single to Scutaro and a 435-foot homer to Sandoval.

Giants Win was at Sandoval's first walkoff, which I believe also was against the Nats. Per Chris Haft of, the one tonight was his second.  

Rosario, Pill back in the Orange and Black

Sandy Rosario and Brett Pill are back on the Giants roster with Vogelsong and Casilla going on to the DL. It strikes me as impressive how much of the Giants' success in 2012 was due to a relative lack of these kinds of injuries. The only one I recall off the top of my head was Sandoval's hamate injury around this time last year.

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area says Chad Gaudin will be the new starter for now.

Kickham in the Orange and Black?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 1-5 trip

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rotation lousiness continues

Man, I can't stand the Rox. Coors Dump has turned out to be the worst possible place for a shaky starting rotation. Here's what Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area just tweeted --

Update time. After Tim Lincecum's 6 ERs in 5 IP, the rotation has ... a 4.81 ERA this season.

Well, it's another Lincecum start where you say, "Well, he really wasn't THAT bad -- except for mishandling a bunt, balking and leaving a fattie belt high for Wilin Rosario..." 

Best thing so far tonight -- The dodgers lost again.

UPDATE -- Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chronicle contains quotes from Tim and Buster about how the Giants are trying to do too much--

Lincecum was not the same pitcher after the throwing error and admitted he lost it mentally, which Giants players have been so good at not doing through their championship era.
"After that, I didn't collect myself and concentrate," Lincecum said. "I kind of unraveled. It's really frustrating."
Lincecum sees a lot of Giants trying to play Superman and save this team from a burning building of a trip.
"Everyone wants to make the big play," he said. "That's just the way we are. We're just going to take it personally when we don't do well. We've just got to learn not to dig ourselves into bigger holes. That's what I did today. I put us in a big hole."

Friday, May 17, 2013

I blame Bochy

The Giants have just lost a heartbreaker, 10-9, at the Coors Dump. Bruce Bochy decided to press his lucky in the 5th with the bases loaded and keep Bumgarner in after he loaded the bases -- when he was obviously no longer effective -- and then give a grand slam.

Bochy obviously knows what he's doing with 2 World Series crowns but it drives me crazy when this happens. What the hell are the 11 guys in the pen for?

UPDATE -- A well-thought out comment about how there really isn't that much difference at that point using Bumgarner or Kontos, who came in after the slam. I'd only say that there are 29 MLB parks at which that thinking is applicable; and then there's Coors Dump, which requires a super-quick hook. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Does that really count as a comeback?

I mean, really? Down 6-0 would be a death sentence in any other park but at Coors Field, it's no big deal.

Fortunately, there's one team that the Giants have been beating up on recently -- the Rox. 10 times in a row, I believe. 

Brandon Crawford had the big hit -- a bases loaded double. Here's part of Chris Haft's story for -- 
They fell behind the Colorado Rockies, 6-0, as starter Matt Cain yielded three home runs. It echoed the six- and five-run deficits the Giants faced after one inning during lopsided defeats Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, in Toronto. Then the pendulum swung inevitably and irrevocably in the other direction, as it often does in baseball.
"Especially here," Giants first baseman Brandon Belt said, referring to Coors Field. "There are a lot of runs to be scored here."
For the rest of the evening, the Giants scored all of them. They amassed five runs in the fourth inning and three more in the sixth to prevail, 8-6, lengthening their winning streak against National League West rival Colorado to 10 games.

Here's the best part -- the Giants have seven guys hitting decently -- Sandoval, Pence, Posey, Belt, Pagan, Scutaro and Crawford. Five of them have at least 20 RBIs; Pagan has 18 and Scutaro has nine.   

Ugly Ugly

Talk about a shot in the arm of the Blue Jays and the Dodgers, who beat a pretty good Nationals team tonight. 

Hard to believe but Ryan Vogelsong had a start tonight that was even more pathetic than Barry Zito's on Tuesday. Zito has occasionally reverted to being adequate and even made it into the 6th after giving up 6in the first. Vogelsong was just plain awful with the score getting to 10-1 at the end of the third.   

Here's the relevant part of Henry Schulman's story for the SF Chron. I disagree about the errors. This one is on Vogelsong. Good for him for seeing the positive but this leaves me wondering if he's done --
Ryan Vogelsong was hammered again and pitched only two innings, his shortest start with the Giants. Although the Scutaro and Pagan errors contributed mightily to Vogelsong's line - eight runs, three earned - the right-hander showed no signs of improvement and allowed four runs on homers by Adam Lind and J.P. Arencibia, the 10th and 11th off Vogelsong this season in just 41 1/3 innings.
Once again, Bochy and pitching coach Dave Righetti are faced with a difficult conversation and question: Should they pull Vogelsong and his 8.06 ERA from the rotation?
Bochy said that would be discussed on the long, late-night flight to Denver, where the Giants open a four-game series Thursday night.
The first-inning errors will be mitigating factors to a point. With one out, Scutaro dropped Jose Bautista's easy flare to short right field, continuing his season-long defensive struggles.
After Vogelsong walked Edwin Encarnacion, Arencibia hit a liner to center that should have been the second out. Pagan got a good read on the ball, charged, then flat whiffed on it. The ball rolled past Pagan, allowing two runs to score and setting up Lind's two-run homer.
"That was probably the worst thing that could have happened for Vogey, what happened there," Bochy said. "That's uncharacteristic for us. I can't think back when we've had two identical games where we made mistakes like that in the first inning. The big numbers killed us and took us out of our game."
Vogelsong tried to stay positive with his words, even if his face betrayed severe frustration.
"Things have got to turn in my favor here eventually," he said. "I shattered two bats, sawed them off, and they got two hits. It's got to change here."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A return to 2010 for Zito

Monday, May 13, 2013

The bonehead Dodgers lose

Dodgers broadcaster Rick Monday was floored tonight in the 4th inning when Dee Gordon managed to get to third on a single, steal and error with no out, then did not come home on a pop fly into right that 2B Danny Espinosa caught with his back to the infield moving toward the right field fence. Monday, who played 19 years in the bigs, contended that Gordon should have been tagging up since Espinosa would have to come to a stop, turn 180 and fire a strike to home. The score was 4-0 in favor of the Nats. Kemp and Ethier could not get Gordon home either.

Maybe it's just a single play but it seemed to symbolize the Dodger season to me.the dodgers are now 15-22, which projects out to a season of 66-96 -- what a thing of beauty! It's great to have an automatic object of disdain perform so far below expectations so far.

Pill back in the Orange and Black

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just like the old Tim Lincecum

He shut down the Braves today for 7 innings with 2 hits, 3 walks and 7 strikeouts. That's the kind of game was turning out routinely during 2007-11. He's now 3-2 this year.

Dave Flemming noted in the broadcast that Tim's performance was particularly impressive given his lack of command early and implied that the Braves were just too aggressive to take advantage.

He was quite a guy until last year. 
2007 - 2.3 WAR
2008 - 7.9
2009 - 7.5
2010 - 3.7
2011 - 4.2
2012 - negative 1.7

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Now that's more like it

Back to back laughers against the Braves -- Bumgarner's first career victory over Atlanta -- six RBIs off the bench -- a first-inning left-field line homer by Sandoval.

I'd be fine with all the games being like this.

The only comparable game came a month ago -- a 10-0 vic over the Rox, which left the good guys at 6-3.

They're now at 22-15. That projects out to 97-65, which should get them into the postseason. 

Dodgers burying themselves

The loss streak has hit 8 in a row. What a thing of beauty. The Yankees of the West couldn't even beat the Miami Marlins last night. Per the LA Times, our old buddy Juan Uribe played a major role -- 

Dietrich, a 23-year-old second baseman, made his major league debut only two days earlier.
Dietrich's home run canceled out a three-run homer by Adrian Gonzalez in the first inning. The home run was the fourth of the season for Gonzalez, who aggravated a neck strain on Wednesday and was listed as day-to-day.
That would be the last time the Dodgers would have Marlins rookie flamethrower Jose Fernandez in trouble until they put men on first and second with no outs in the fifth inning. But Juan Uribe was picked off second base and the Dodgers failed to score.
"That was definitely a momentum changer," Mattingly said. "We kind of shot ourselves in the foot."

Like Jason Schmidt before him, Uribe signed a 3-year deal and has been mostly a disaster for the Dodgers. 

More importantly -- The dodgers have only won 13 games at this point for a 13-21 record. They're down with the Cubs, Jays, Astros and Marlins. How's that taste, dodger fans? 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Matt's back

Mighty Matt Cain has reasserted himself as the Ace -- even knocking in a run an awesome 6-run rally with his first hit of the year. Here's the relevant verbiage in Henry Schulman's recap for the Chron --

When Belt chopped a double over first baseman Freddie Freeman’s glove for a 3-0 lead, the Giants had two more runners in scoring position with nobody out. With one out, the Braves walked Brandon Crawford intentionally hoping Cain would hit into a double play.
He did not.
Cain grounded an RBI single into right for a 4-0 lead, setting the stage for Scutaro to bat again in the inning and rip a two-run single through the left side to send Hudson away, trailing 6-0.
Cain showed his mettle in the second inning when McCann lined a ball of his right hip. Pain aside, Cain hopped off the mound and got the ball at the first-base line then threw to the foul side of first base as he was falling in the same direction. Belt stretched to make the catch.
Cain convinced manager Bruce Bochy and a trainer he was fine with one demonstration pitch and stayed in the game.

Vogelsong stays lousy

Mike Krukow said on the postgame show that Vogelsong looked great at times -- striking out 7. But he could not out of the 5th. Where's the All Star?

here's part of chris Haft's story for --
Since Vogelsong recorded his lone quality start of the season on April 17 at Milwaukee, he has yielded 22 earned runs in 21 innings spanning four appearances. The right-hander's troubles have worsened in his last two outings, during which he has permitted 13 earned runs and 16 hits in nine innings.
Inevitably, Giants manager Bruce Bochy was asked whether Vogelsong will make his next start. Due to Monday's scheduled off-day, San Francisco conceivably could skip Vogelsong for a turn, enabling him to work on the side.
Bochy delivered a carefully worded response.
"These are things we'll talk about internally," he said. "Right now I'm not ready to discuss that. He's healthy. We have different options. I'll leave it at that."

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kicking the Dodgers when they're down

A 7-game losing streak for the Yankees of the West? Yes, it's true. Such a beautiful thing!

They lost Wednesday night to the Dbacks on two Paul Goldschmidt homers -- yes, the same guy who has tortured Tim Lincecum so much. Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times says people at chavez Latrine were booing.

I love it. 

Suffer, Dodger fans

But I'd be remiss if I didn't link to the LA times story about Matt Kemp being a real good guy by bringing some support to a terminally ill fan. Read it and weep. 

Zito the stopper?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tim the not so bad

Geez, the Giants broadcasters were talking about Tim Lincecum not being too bad tonight for giving up 5 runs in seven innings. What????

It just goes to show how low the expectations have become with a guy who two years ago was the face of the franchise.

Henry Schulman of the SF Chron blogs that the Giants starters are currently 10th in the National League in ERA. Man, that's lousy!  

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area says they're the third worst in the NL.He had this to say -- 

Lincecum is alternating terrific pitches with terrible ones, and the hitters know it. As long as he’s doing that, he won’t get them to chase his off-speed stuff out of the zone –- which is how he racked up all those strikeouts over the years. They’ll sit back and wait for him to make a mistake, knowing there’s a good chance he’ll comply.
How can Lincecum eliminate those mistakes?
“It’s just rhythm and timing -- where my foot is hitting to where my arm is,” he said. “I’ve got to go back to the mound and work on it. It’s something you take care of before you even go out to the field.”

Monday, May 06, 2013

Bummer Bumgarner

I spent the evening at Chavez Latrine watching the Dbacks cuff the Dodgers around -- the final was 9-3 --  while the scoreboard showed the Giants losing to the Phils 3-0, then 3-1, then 5-1, then 5-2 and then 6-2. I kept thinking that the starter must have been Lincecum. But no. 

It was the first lousy start of the year for Madison Bumgarner. He'd been excellent ever since late October

That was when he pitched seven innings of 2-hit ball in game 2 of the World Series. .

Here's part of Henry Schulman's recap for the SF Chron -- 

Bumgarner had his worst game since he ruffled him for six runs in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series.
After allowing seven earned runs over his first six starts of six starts this year the Phillies got him for five in six innings.
Though a different scoring call might have spared Bumgarner three of those earned runs, he pitched poorly nonetheless, allowing two costly Michael Young doubles and a Dominic Brown homer that one-hopped the port walk into McCovey Cove.
Bumgarner started the night second in the league with a 1.55 ERA and had not allowed three runs in any start until the Phillies reached that in the second inning with a two-run Young double and a scoring wild pitch.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Matt Cain's back

Maybe Matt was lucky with a line smash that became an out a few times. Bottom line -- got the Orange and Black into the 8th with a 4-0 lead. The Dodgers scored 3 times and IT WASN'T ENOUGH. The high-wire act is working. Here's what the SF Chronicle's Henry Schulman wrote at the end of his game story that the only novelty -- between clutch hitting and Romo's relief -- was Matt getting his first win

Willie Bans of had this to say --  His two best starts in an otherwise rough year thus far have come against the Dodgers. Cain received a standing ovation and tipped his cap in the eighth when he walked off the mound and exited the game following a walk to Matt Kemp with one out. Cain entered Sunday with a 4-0 record and 2.00 ERA in his previous 10 starts against Los Angeles.

Vogelstrong and the rest

I'm wondering if the starting five are having fatigue issues after staying intact last season and pitching in the postseason. Here are the 2012 stats --

Matt Cain -- 219 innings; Bumgarner -- 208; Vogelsong - 189; Lincecum - 186; Zito - 184. 

Dave Fleming pointed out last night that no Giants starter has gotten a win since April 21, a remarkable stretch in which the Giants have played pretty well. Henry Schulman of the SF Chron talked with Ryan Vogelsong after the game, which featured a nightmare 7-run dodger 5th-- 

Vogelsong’s ERA was up to 7.20, but said he saw some improvement.
“I felt better at times,” he said. “I just couldn’t stop the bleeding. Things started to steamroll. I couldn’t stop it. It’s a terrible feeling, but I’ve got to look at the positives. I threw the ball not really well, but better than I have, in the first four innings.”
Bochy suggested fatigue played a role in the seven-run fifth, and maybe that’s why Vogelsong’s fastball velocity was dipping to 88 mph. You have to wonder if the short offseason, early rev-up for the WBC and the WBC itself have taken a toll on Vogelsong, though he says no.
“I feel fine physically,” he said. “Every pitch was like I was battling myself. I just don’t feel smooth.”
He’ll get the ball again Thursday night against Atlanta and try again to right the ship.



Hard to believe -- except that it's the Giants vs. the dodgers -- that there could be back to back walkoff wins from homers by the two catchers: Posey last night and Guillermo Quiroz tonight.Nice reporting by Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle:

 The Giants' 11th comeback victory was a carnival ride that had to end in the hall of warped mirrors, with a 31-year-old journeyman catcher hitting his third big-league home run and first since 2008 with Baltimore.
Quiroz had the good fortune of facing a pitcher he knew. He caught League in Toronto and Seattle and knew his stuff.
"I knew what pitch he was trying to get me out with," Quiroz said. "He hung a split-finger fastball. The one before was really nasty.
"I just tried to hit something hard to give us a chance to win the ballgame. In this situation late in the ballgame, I learned not too long ago you've got to swing hard and see what happens."

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Peguero back in the Orange and Black

Francisco Peguero has been hitting .415 in Fresno so the Giants front office decided to bring him back up .... mainly due to the ineffectiveness of Andres Torres and Hector Sanchez (who was the one sent down). I keep wondering if we will ever get to see the Torres of 2010 again. Here's part of Henry Schulman's post for the SF Chron --  

Sanchez was a mainstay as Buster Posey’s backup on the 2012 World Series championship team, but he struggled from the get-go in spring training because of a shoulder injury incurred in winter ball. He neither hit nor caught well during April. Sanchez’s struggles (conditioning included) prompted the Giants to take the unusual step of carrying three catchers.
Journeyman Guillermo Quiroz has shown he can catch the Giants’ staff, which makes it easier for the Giants to demote Sanchez and let him play every day, which he sorely needs.
Peguero helped force the Giants’ hand by hitting .415 for Fresno. He fills a lot of needs for the Giants, starting with a right-handed left fielder to platoon with Gregor Blanco. That was supposed to be Andres Torres’ job, but he has not played well at the plate or in the field.
Peguero also adds right-handed depth and speed to the bench.

An MVP game by the MVP

Buster Posey had been 0 for 6 with 5 skrikeouts when he went deep in the 9th against Ronald Bellisario, who looked completely disgusted as he trudged off the mount tonight. That's why they call it a walk-off -- the losing pitcher has to walk off the field in humiliation.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Affeldt the writer

Chris Haft of has a long post about Jeremy Affeldt's autobiography -- 

Affeldt shares his story to stimulate readers and prompt them to care more about the world around them. As the book's title indicates, he's profoundly serious about this. That should come as no surprise to anybody who's familiar with Affeldt. Through his youth ministry, Generation Alive, Affeldt supports Not For Sale, an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking. Affeldt also strives to help the hungry, thirsty and disadvantaged by partnering with organizations such as Something to Eat, the Global Orphan Project, Living Water International and One World Futbol.
"I truly believe in the concept of love your neighbor as yourself," Affeldt told, referring to the familiar Scripture passage (Mark 12:31). "Whether you believe in God or not, that's still a concept we need, because it's the only way society can have any kind of sanity to it. Selfishness ruins a lot of things. I'm just trying to speak from that angle."

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I'm a Belt believer

Two outs in the 8th on the road; Giants trailing 6-4 after a crappy start by Tim Lincecum. Three-run homer by Brandon Belt off David Hernandez.

I heard the Diamondbacks radio feed with Tom Candiotti -- who knows a thing or two about pitching -- sounding seriously disgusted over Kirk Gibson's failure to remove Hernandez and bring in a leftie even though he had walked two in the inning.

"Belt is appropriately named," Candiotti said.

That certainly takes some of the string out of the San Diego sweep.  

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area reports that Belt has gone 7 for 17 with 8 RBIs against the Dbacks this year 


One of the best vics of the year! It's still amazing what Sandoval can do with the game on the line. This is from Henry Schulman's recap-- 

Sandoval had two more hits and has 11 in his past 17 at-bats. That elbow discomfort that forced him out of Monday night's game was gone by the time he left the clubhouse. There was no doubt he would play Tuesday.
He had gone 37 at-bats without a homer, though, and had to calm himself at the plate, especially after Putz hung a splitter on the first pitch. Sandoval lurched and fouled it off. The next time, he stayed back and secured a series victory for the Giants in the wake of a five-game losing streak.
Pence might not have heard it, but Sandoval said he told the right fielder, "I'm going to clique one."
A called shot?
"Pretty much," said Sandoval, who flipped his bat high toward the Giants' dugout in celebration.