Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zito gets the suh-weeeeeep!

Expect the unexpected when Barry Zito pitches. Today, Giants Win attended a magnificent 5-0 buttkick of the Padres, complete with Buster's first homer of the year, outstanding D, a double to the right center gap by Angel Pagan on a 3-0 pitch and Dominance by Zito.

I noticed that he was pitching fast -- not the fastballs but not taking much time between pitches. I think it's effective. At any rate, MC O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain makes some astute observations about today's vic -- 

The Giants like to throw shutouts, it seems. That's their fifth. One in LA, one against the Cardinals, one against the Rockies, and yesterday and today against the Padres. Nice of the division foes to oblige. Of those five games, Barry Zito has been the starter in three of them. I seek not to explain, merely to enjoy. Way to go, Zeets! A fine win today that featured Buster Posey hitting a home run. His first of the season, by the way. I note that Tim Lincecum threw to Buster yesterday, not Hector Sanchez. In Japan, I have heard, it is not unusual for a manager to change catchers during a game when a pitcher is struggling, rather than remove the pitcher. Who knows? Maybe they are on to something. Regardless, Zito racked up seven scoreless and Buster hit a homer. That sort of thing works directly on the pleasure centers, doesn't it?


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