Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The unlucky 11th

Well, that 4-game win streak just ended with a thud. 

After a stirring comeback in the 9th, the Giants almost won in the 10th tonight but Sandoval got thrown out by Cody Ross at the plate by 15 feet. Then the good guys fell apart in the 11th with a horrific lack of fielding hustle by Andres Torres and a lousy play by Brandon Belt on a throw by Sandoval.

I can't recall Jon Miller having been more critical of a player's lack of effort than he was of Torres. He was quite brutal. I'm kind of astounded as Torres has always struck me a hustling type.  

Well, every now and again there will be a game that stinks. That's what makes Bruce Bochy a good manager.

UPDATE -- Andrew Baggarly's recap for CSNBay Area quotes Torres as saying he lost the ball in the lights.  

I do like the fact that these do not make excuses when things go wrong. 


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