Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nightmare in the day time

What a strange loss to the Cubbies.Note to self -- closers except for 1984's Willie Hernandez don't go wire to wire without blowing a save. 

Romo clearly did not shirk after the game, per Chris Haft of --

Romo answered each question that the Cubs' comeback raised. He insisted that he had sufficient time to warm up before entering the game. He didn't try to deflect responsibility for Castro's hit.
"No excuses," said Romo, who converted his previous 15 regular-season save opportunities dating back to last August. "I made a good pitch. [Castro] put the ball in play. Things happen when you put the ball in play. I tip my cap to him."
Giants manager Bruce Bochy took Romo's outing in stride.
"He's going to have to deal with an occasional hiccup," Bochy said. "That's the life of a closer."
Romo refused to cite a prevailing factor: The wind. It helped carry Castro's fly ball toward the wall, and it appeared to propel the home runs Cain allowed to DeJesus in the third inning and Castro in the fifth.
"None of the two homers they hit would have been homers anywhere else," said Pagan, who played for the Cubs from 2006-07.


Anonymous ian said...

wasn't valverde perfect for detroit a couple years ago?

2:09 PM  

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