Sunday, April 07, 2013

Matt Cain's surprise meltdown

It's always tough when your best pitcher -- the guy who gets described with words like "mainstay," "dependable" and "reliable" -- just can't get out of an inning. The Cards have 5 runs in and are still batting with two outs out in the 4th ... now Matt Carpenter just knocked in 2 more. Hoo boy! I guess it may have not been such a great idea with the Cards in town to distribute all that World Series hardware at the pregame ceremonies today.  

Just astounding that the rally came on the heels of the Orange and Black scoring 2 in the third -- making every Giants fan think, "Here we go! That should be enough to win!"

Instead, it's only the second time a Giants starter has given up 9 runs in an inning -- the last time being 111 years ago by some guy named Cronen. 


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