Friday, March 01, 2013

Thome in the Orange and Black?

Jim Thome has 612 HRs and a WAR of 67 so he's probably a Hall of Famer. 

He's looking for work and he's in Arizona, according to Hardball Talk. Were this a few years ago, I would have thought the Giants would have given him a try but it looks like the Orange and Black has realized the value of guys who are under 40 -- 

We haven’t heard much about Jim Thome since the Indians stopped pursuing him a few weeks ago, but Ken Rosenthal of talked to the future Hall of Famer and has an update.
Basically he’d like to play this season but doesn’t have any interested teams right now, so the 42-year-old is heading to Arizona to work out and be prepared.
The SF Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins has his usual idiotic take -- whining about how teams now carry so many pitchers that there's no room for guys like Thome. As I've said before, Bruce wants starters to pitch 300 innings a year and apparently won't be satisfied until the whole rotation blows out their arms.


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