Monday, March 25, 2013

Nick Noonan = Ryan Theriot

Nathan McCurley at Third Street Kings figures that 1. Nick Noonan is likely to make the team when the real games start next week only because he's the best option available but 2. he's adequate, just as Ryan Theriot was last year

Not exactly a ringing endorsement 

Here are the last 2 paragraphs -- There’s really no reason to feel particularly strongly about the possibility of Noonan making the Opening Day roster. Last year, Ryan Theriot stayed on the 25-man roster the whole year while hitting .270/.316/.321. Theriot’s line is a reasonable benchmark; I think that’s about what Noonan would hit if he were kept around all year. Two key differences exist, however: Noonan likely wouldn’t get 384 PA, like Theriot got last year, and Noonan would be about $750,000 cheaper than Theriot was last year.
There really isn’t a huge downside to keeping Noonan when the team moves north, especially if it’s only going to be for as long as Abreu needs to recover from his lingering quad injury. Noonan is what he is; a utility infielder who’s probably somewhere around replacement level. If the team needs to carry him for a couple weeks while Abreu and Sandoval get healthy, it’s not the end of the world. Otherwise, he’ll spend much of the season in Fresno. But this is likely who he is – a utility infielder who can play multiple positions but isn’t going to amount to much and likely won’t push anyone for a starting job.


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