Thursday, March 14, 2013

A bad shortstop will drive you crazy

Chris Haft of notes that Kensuke Tanaka has made 7 of the 15 errors that the entire Giants team has made so far this spring.. The guy is a good second baseman but is apparently is having a problem playing at shortstop. The Giants need him to be a utility player...

Having a bad shortstop will drive you nuts.I remember listening to the Giants in 1959 and 1960 when Andre Rodgers was sometimes the shortstop. He made 22 errors in 1959 in 578 innings and had a .930 fielding percentage. He didn't hit very well either and the Giants finally unloaded him at the end of 1960 on the Cubs in exchange for their new manager Alvin Dark.  

The Giants had a perfectly good shortstop then named Eddie Bressoud. I read somewhere that Rodgers was a particular fave of owner Horace Stoneham but I could never  understand why. Rodgers was a bad fielder who didn't hit well. Even at age 8, I couldn't understand it.


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