Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Number 27 in Left Field for the Giants

Confusing headline? Yes!

Fangraphs is ranking the Giants leftfielders as 27th out of 30 with Blanco and Torres bringing the most value on defense. Fortunately, the Dodgers are 28th, followed by the Mets and the Marlins, who have the extremeley over-rated Juan Pierre in left.   

Here's the verbiage --  Gregor Blanco can play some mean defense, and if he couldn’t, he’d be well under replacement level. In 2012, he hit .244/.333/.344 but his 10.1 fielding rating elevated his WAR to 2.4. As the left handed complement to the left field platoon, Blanco is likely to get the lion’s share of plate appearances in left field and even if the projection thinks his defense regresses a bit, he’s better than league average due to his defense. Torres is almost a mirror image bat from the right side, with perhaps a dose of extra power. His defense is known to be anywhere from good to great, and it’s likely that he’ll roam all over the outfield when the need presents itself. For the Giants, it’s an all defense, little offense proposition in left field, but they’ve got other guys that can carry that load.

Well, maybe Torres can hit like he did in 2010. It was only 3 years ago ....

The Crawford verbiage is a treat for Giants fans -- There’s a growing “I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it” contingent growing relative to Carl Crawford’s debut as a Dodger.  A superstar with the Rays, Crawford has been derailed by substandard production and injuries since 2010. Part of the great salary dump of 2012, Crawford was the presumed left field starter until his elbow started to give him trouble in the Spring, and now it’s anyone’s guess if he’ll be ready for opening day. The projection isn’t particularly tickled with his offensive prospects for 2013, although a positive fielding rating would be his first in three years. It’s really anyone’s guess what kind or how much of Carl Crawford the Dodgers get in 2012, but 1.4 WAR would probably be considered a huge victory at this stage.


Anonymous Dan said...

How did the Mets get rated that high?

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